EVERYTHING MUST GO! GO! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_20140608_142802Whew. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me. With my final day of school long past, it has been time to get the No Sleep Til Finland gears all working full blast!

So far, I’ve taken two carloads of donations to Goodwill, with a third coming this week. I’ve gone through some (not nearly all) of my artwork and am deciding what stays, what goes and what I can sell. I have a lot to sell, specifically dolls to sell. I had six large containers of dolls in the storage closet! Wow. I had no idea I had that many dolls!

IMG_20140607_120909Not exactly pretty. I likened it to some kind of massacre or the set of Sanford and Son (if they’d sold dolls), there were so many little bodies strewn about the living room. So. Many. Dolls.

IMG_20140607_135729 IMG_20140607_135745-1 IMG_20140607_135803-1 IMG_20140607_135813 IMG_20140607_140444-1 IMG_20140607_140453-1I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures. I stupidly let my camera battery run down to nothing, so I had to take these with my camera phone. Better pictures will have to be taken!

If you are interesting in any of the dolls that you have seen in any of the pictures, please send me an email and I can let you know how much the doll is (it’s going to be a bargain basement price) and how much shipping will be.

(All proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014.)

Hollyhocks are Blooming!!!

DSC02514 DSC02515 DSC02519I adore hollyhocks. Hollyhocks adore the New Mexico climate. It’s taken me years and years to finally get some of these lovely flowers established in a yard of mine. Last year, I had three plants bloom, and this year, I have twice that! Since the fuschia and the pale pink have already bloomed, I think the last really tall one will be the yellow one! I can’t wait!

Cats. What Else?!?!

DSC02535 DSC02532 DSC02537 DSC02526 DSC02523 DSC02528I’m trying to get used to the new camera. The one that I call ‘Berin’s Camera’. It’s a lot different than the other point and shoot camera that I was using for years. I’ve also discovered that my old versions of Photoshop and Illustrator don’t work on my new/old computer. Poo. I’m used to having a lot more options for editing photos than what I have now. Oh well. If it’s the worst thing that happens to be today, I count myself a lucky person!

I’ve just recently made-up with Bebe von Chickiepants. She’s been a royal pain in the backside for a week or so. Now that she knows I’ve forgiven her, she’s terrifically, vocally insistent that I give her pets, scratches and loves. If I had a nickel for every time I told her “You’re lucky you’re pretty…” in the past week, I think I’d have $50.

Indiana’s really showing her age. She loves the doll bed and will nap in it when Bebe isn’t. She moves to the Studio for a while in the afternoon, and then the bathroom sink in the early evening.

Bella. What can I say about the Velvet Pork Chop?! The weather here has been unseasonably cool, so she’s enjoying some extra lap-time. It will end soon; she’s just too much cat to have on your lap when it’s 96 degrees! Summer time is tough when you’re a Velvet Pork Chop!

New-ish Dolls are Finished

DSC02552 DSC02544Like I said in a previous post, like I really need to be making more dolls. I’m up to my rear-end in them! The last show left me with a lot of monster dolls still left to sell. I’m hoping that I can sell some more of them at the first sale that Berin and I have in June. I need these guys to start earning some rent!

New Dolls

DSC09033 DSC09038The above pictures are of a doll that I made last Saturday for friend of my husband’s. I had a mountain of school work to do over the weekend, but I plowed-through it and got it all done, so that I could sit down and work on some more dolls for people who have ordered them and are still very patiently waiting for me to be done making them. I also worked on some additional dolls that I have no buyers as of yet for.

Yes. You read correctly. I made more dolls.

Honestly, I need to make more dolls like I need another hole in my head, and that’s just what I was thinking when I discovered a pile of pieced Fat-Quarter Dolls that needed their faces appliqued-down.

So, yes. I dutifully appliqued all five of their little faces down.

DSC09048 DSC09047I then gleefully chose the fabrics for all their little dresses, and the dresses and outfits of three other dolls I’m working on right now. “Ooooh! I LOVE this FABRIC! I MUST USE IT for (insert doll and/or customer’s name here)!!!!

Yes. I name all of the dolls that I make.

DSC09046 DSC09043 DSC09041The doll pictured above I’ve named Theodora. She’s not quite done. She still needs some ribbons added to her hair, and some jewelry (necklace, earrings and bracelets). Once that’s all finished, she’ll be for sale.

While I was taking a break from working at my table in the studio, I watched a movie in the living room with my husband. I couldn’t sit and do nothing, so I started to crochet. I ended up making several long doll-sized scarves and some little hats. I needed to do something with them, so I started two more dolls that could I could put the little scarves and hats on.

Yes. I started making more dolls.

DSC09053While I was waiting for some glue to dry on eyes and mouths, I started sewing together their arms and legs.

No. I’ve not named them yet. Have no fear, they soon shall be!


Side Bar/Tangent/Wild Hair/Thing Stuck in my Craw all Wrong:

Every once and a while, someone will look at my work, and say to me “Well! You have way too much time on your hands!” I’ve always silently taken this as an insult. I feel that the implication is that I should be spending my time doing something more useful than making art. (Watching TV? Playing video games? Going to the mall?) I know that not everyone means this when and if they tell me something akin to the above comment, but I still take it the same way, as an insult. It must be noted, that these same people who declare I have too much time on my hands, try to low-ball me on price when they want to buy some of my artwork. “$20 is an awful lot of money. How about $5?” This just adds insult to injury in my book. They usually don’t buy any of my work.

If I knew that I’d never sell another piece of artwork as long as I lived, I’d still make art. I’d still draw. I’d still sew and make dolls. I’d still create new patterns for dolls. I’d still make jewelry. I make art because it is who I am and when I’m making art, I feel the most in-tune with my creative mind and this gives me a tremendous amount of satisfaction, which contributes to my mental and emotional well-being. I am not a whole person unless I get to have time to create art. So now you see why I take it as an insult when it’s declared that I ‘have too much time on my hands.

I Have the Best Husband in the World.

I’ve been pining and moping around wanting some comic books lately. Specifically, the Wonder Woman Archives.

JUL120228 They’re not something that in any way, shape or form is a need, like food, clothing or shelter….or saving money so I can live and go to grad school in Finland this fall….so I’ve just decided to shut-up my yap and about it and move on. Another reason to shut-my-yap and quit whining about not having the books is that there weren’t a lot printed, and the ones for sale can get quite expensive.  However, my fantastic, loving, amazing, smart, funny and resourceful husband found me these books, at a very reasonable price and has ordered them for me.  After he told me that he had found the books for me, and while I was still peeing my pants and squeeing he said to me, “You’ll take those to Finland, right?” So, I guess they were a need after all!




La Cueva Craft Show Saturday!

Spring 2014 POSTCARDDon’t forget! I’ll be at the La Cueva Spring Craft Show on Saturday, May 3rd from 9 am until 4 pm! I’ll have all kinds of art and dolls to sell! Admission is free! All proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014.

La Cueva Craft Show!

Spring 2014 POSTCARDIf you’re in the Albuquerque area on May 3rd stop by and see me and my artwork at the La Cueva Spring Craft Show from 9 am until 4 pm! Remember that all proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014!

I’ll have all kinds of artwork for sale! Lots and lots and LOTS of dolls! Big ones! Little ones! Monster ones! Bunny ones! Bear ones! Dolls made of Paper! Patterns for making your own dolls! I’ll have framed drawings, jewelry, magnets, bead kits, little handmade books, crocheted items — oh! And did I mention the dolls?!?!?!?

DSC02382DSC09022DSC08989DSC02396DSC08387DSC08401DSC05593DSC08322DSC05707DSC08261I will also be selling some of the doll furniture that I’ve collected over the years and use to display my dolls during shows. Three high chairs and at least two doll beds! I’d love to see you there!

Framing Drawings

DSC09025I spent most of the day preparing items for the May 3rd La Cueva Craft Show. I’ve got a ton of artwork to sell! All the little new clay monsters are done and packed for the show and I finished-up some bracelets and resin pendant necklaces today as well.

DSC09017You can see that I’ve used some of the paper that I painted last weekend in the mounting and framing of these original drawings. It’s always a little hard to figure out what color combinations for mats and frames that will work. Getting the colors to mesh with the piece of artwork is comparatively easy, picking out the colors that a potential buyer might prefer is a lot harder.

DSC09021(All proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014.)