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Katie In Finland: A Year in Finland Part 1


In this episode, Katie and Berin discuss what it’s been like living abroad for a year, how it’s changed their perspectives, and whether they want to continue living in a foreign country or not.


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In our next episode we’ll be talking about summertime in Finland, and how it differs from our experiences in various parts of the United States. You can submit questions and comments through the contact page.


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Katie In Finland: Fast Food in Finland

In this episode, Katie and Berin discuss fast food in Finland, including strange pizza toppings, kebab, and ubiquitous buffets.

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Show Notes

  • Hesburger, Finland’s hamburger chain
  • Kotipizza, Finland’s pizza and kebab chain
  • Burger King‘s controversial return to Finland
  • Varieties of majoneesi (mayonnaise) at Hesburger and Kotipizza, including paprika, chile, chipotle, curry, caesar, and garlic.

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You can submit questions and comments through the contact page.


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Nick Jaina “These Fair Hands”

The theme music for our upcoming podcast is “These Fair Hands” by Portland musician Nick Jaina.


“These Fair Hands” by Nick Jaina is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 International License.
Based on a work at Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at

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My Workspace

I love having the ability to have my own studio with a door that closes. Anyone who has a cat knows why that’s necessary. I finally got my studio cleaned and put together almost a year after moving into my current house. It took the better part of a month! I have so much stuff! So. Much. STUFF.

My husband had an impacted wisdom tooth that required some emergency oral surgery over the summer. The antibiotics made him a little loopy and sleeping was the best way to deal with the recovery. Needless to say, I had a lot of time on my hands that needed to be filled with something. Something like sorting through piles, mounds, heaps and mountains of STUFF.

Some things got trashed, other recycled and still other things were donated. I must have a trace of magpie blood, because I cannot seem to pass anything up that I might be able to use in some piece or project that I’ve not even thought of yet. At my age, the collection of stuff was getting dangerous. My husband feared what he called “The Crap Slide” every time he came into the studio. And yes, we did have several Crap Slides that had to be dealt with, and the clean-up was long, protracted and sometimes even painful.

The shelf helped a lot. I made sure I put tools and supplies on it that I use almost on a daily basis. I stashed some of the dolls I won’t part with on the very top shelf for display.

My sewing machine now has it’s own table and I can leave it out. The last place that I lived I had to combine my studio and my bedroom and it was so tight and uncomfortable! I was constantly putting things away and getting things out. It was really annoying.

This is the section of the tables that I work at the most. It seems really cluttered now that I take a really good look at the picture. I assure you, everything there is used! Everything there has a purpose! I would know if anyone moved anything! Really! I swear!

Crayola Model Magic Clay

I use a Crayola Model Magic Clay a lot in my artwork. In the past few years, I’ve used it more and more. I started using it in the classroom. It’s a great three-dimensional

Places I Buy Art Supplies From Online: #2

Okay, well, I don’t actually buy things from this site, but I have used it a lot in recent years.

Places I’d Like to Order Art Supplies From

I ran into my friend Susan the other day. She had her computer out and was online. The site that she was looking at was Blumchen. I was sucked-in as soon as I saw the Halloween decorations! OH! OH! OH! And there are Easter decorations too!!!! Bunnies!!! BUNNEHS!!!!!

Sorry about that. I tend to get terrifically excited about bunnies.
From their “About Us” portion of the site:

As Purveyors of Life’s Little Niceties, Blümchen has all of the treats & treasures you need to help you celebrate the Holidays with what is truly ‘The Best of Christmas Past’®. We specialize in offering the finest quality Christmas tree ornaments, decorations and old-time crafting supplies from Europe and America — everything you may have thought existed only in the past. From our exclusive Victorian Whimseys® and Holiday Delight™ collectibles to scrap relief pictures, embossed Dresden foil trims and authentic German Lametta tinsels, Blümchen has it all!

It all looks like so much fun!!!