It’s HOT!!!

DSC06749The heat in New Mexico has been slightly oppressive over the past few days. I’ve frozen a bunch of water bottles for the cats. Most of the day, Gibson is on the couch where he can be comfortable. I worry about his ability to regulate his temperature in this heat. He’s thin as a rail, and his paws are always a little cold, so his circulation can’t be great. I put the frozen water bottles next to him, along his back, and he naps that way for most of the day. I change out the bottles every couple of hours. I noticed he doesn’t like it when the bottles have a lot of condensation on them. Indiana is usually in the sink.

DSC06718 DSC06719She was really sawing logs when I took these pictures! I’ve been re-wetting a wash cloth and leaving it on the sink so she has a cool, soft place to put her head. She’s no spring kitten either! I worry she may over heat too! A few times, I’ve turned on the faucet (with just a slow drip) and she stays right in the sink, letting the water run down her back.

The water bowls are constantly filled, and so far, all kitties seem fine. I just worry that they’ll overheat, after all, they’re wearing little fur coats!

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