Mystery Plants on My Patio

I have absolutely no idea what these plants are. They come up every year. They grow fast too. They have lots of blossoms on them that only open up when the sun starts to go down. And I have no idea what they are. None.

DSC06752 DSC06754 DSC06755 DSC06757The picture above shows that they come in a few different colors. I want to say that I remember them mostly being pink last year. This year I they’re white, pale pink, fuchsia and fuchsia and white spotted. They grow like gang-busters and bloom prolifically. I just have no idea what they are!

6 thoughts on “Mystery Plants on My Patio

  1. Gator Woman says:

    They are four o’ clocks and they are all over our property.
    They are strong plants great and come back well: white, pink, red, yellow.
    Also you can collect their tiny black seeds end of season and make tons more.
    Bees and butterflies love them.

  2. Gloria Weber says:

    Seems your plant was identified for you! They are so pretty… Oh so tempting to find out if they can make it in my region.

  3. katiekinsman22 says:

    Thank you for the identification!!! I’d love to have some yellow ones! I have seen a lot more bees since they’ve been blooming. My hollyhocks seeds have started to dry out and break open. I’ve actually planted some of them. Soon, I shall be over-run with them! Glorious!

  4. katiekinsman22 says:

    If these Four O’Clocks will grow on a super hot patio in New Mexico, and continue to bloom and grow in insane heat and almost total sun, it seems like they’ll grown anywhere Gloria!!!

  5. Gator Woman says:

    Have been trying to get yellow here in Florida for 7 years, if you do get some, please mail me a seed~
    This is the most indestructible flowers/plants I have ever seen.
    One of mine is over 6 feet tall and comes back each year, it is a white one and smells heavenly~
    It should grow just about anywhere, sun or shade and will normally come back.
    Just collect your little black seeds for other locations next year~

  6. katiekinsman22 says:

    If I come across the yellow variety, you’ll get some seeds for sure! My pinks, whites and fuchsias are continuing to bloom beautifully!

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