Kitten Doll Collars

You know how sometimes when you think too much about a problem you need to solve, you just cannot find any way to solve it? I sometimes have this problem with the dolls I create. My usual reaction to a problem is to set the doll aside and try to be patient until the solution comes to me. Believe me, this is very difficult for me. I’m the poster girl for the concept of instant gratification, in all it’s varied incarnations. I remedy my impatience by having multiple projects going at all times, so at least there is something else to occupy my time while the answer to my problem takes it’s own sweet time arriving.

Case in point, Siamese kitten collars. I hemmed and hawed about what I wanted to do for about a week. Ruling out several options simply because they were too involved (crocheting lace collars) or too cheesy and/or didn’t ‘go’ with the whole finished piece (sequins). In the end, ribbon, felt and a few tiny buttons won out.

DSC07028 DSC07030I cut out a small circle of felt (a little bigger than a nickel) and then stitched a tiny little button in the middle. Since the chances of me getting the button exactly in the middle were slim indeed, I trimmed around the button once it was sewn down to even-up the circle and make it a little smaller as well. Then I cut out little diagonal lines and removed small pieces of felt from in between the petals of the flower. Once that was done, I just tacked them down over where the ribbon overlapped, to hide that seam. Voila! Now the kitten dolls have fancy-schmancy little collars!

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