Little Blue Bunnies

I’ve been working on a series of new patterns for a few weeks now, with the hope of getting them finished and for sale in my Etsy shop by July (along with some other patterns). I’ve been trying to work the kinks out of the patterns and the processes (instructions) that will go along with the patterns. I worked on six little animal dolls over the past two days, and I think I’ve got the bunny and the kitty where I want them.

DSC07043The first change that I made to my original pattern was the back legs. They really needed to look more like animal legs and have that little thigh haunch to them. That was an easy fix. The next fix needed was the whiskers. The filament was just threaded through the faces and I couldn’t get any kind of glue to hold them down. My problem was that I was attaching the whiskers during the final stage of construction. The wonderful Brenda Davis Harsham had an amazingly elegant solution to my whisker problem, sew them onto the face and glue them down from the inside before sewing the two head pieces together. It worked like a charm! I used a glue that will hold plastics to make sure that the whiskers would stay in place. So easy!

DSC07047The back leg looks so much better, doesn’t it?! I’ve started calling these legs “Pi” legs. Two P’s for the back legs and two I’s for the front! I’m holding the bunny so you can get an idea of the size of them. Not insanely big. I wanted to have a finished pattern that I could sell as a PDF that would only be a few pages long. Sometimes long complicated patterns are a turn-off I think. I keep trying to apply my ‘art teacher demonstration techniques’ to the process of formulating patterns and directions, because I don’t want anyone to have an unhappy experience using one of my patterns.

DSC07045The little thigh haunch back legs look cute from this angle I think. The pom-pom tails I made look a lot better than the store-bought ones too! I made about a dozen more little pom-pom bunny tails for future bunnies.

Another thing that I discovered while making these two blue bunnies is that I like the ‘patch face’ for these dolls better than the patchless-face. I’m not sure how to describe it, but the faces look more centered and more finished when they have the face appliqued to a separate piece of felt that is then appliqued to a second head piece.

DSC07051Using a patch face also allows me to add another color to the doll, which ads a little more visual interest via contrast and pattern (the original white and tan bunnies had spots).

I’ve getting fairly fast at making these little dolls too. The hump is cutting out all of the little pieces, once that’s done, the rest of the doll just flies along lickety-split!

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