I Was Trying to Make Bears, but Made Chipmunks Instead

I like to create variations of things. I think it’s partly because I don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel every single time that I make something. Having a base pattern (or method of working) makes parts of my doll projects go so much more quickly. I tend to get impatient while working, mostly because if I’ve got the piece finished in my mind, then I want it to be finished in the physical world so I can look at it in three dimensions. You’ve heard me say before, I’m the poster child for the concept of instant gratification.

With the aforementioned in mind, and a kitten and bunny doll pattern pretty much hammered out, I decided that I’d try tweaking the pattern to make a bear too. Easy-peasy, I thought. Change the ears and the tail and POOF! I’d have a bear.

I got chipmunks.

DSC07062I’m reminded of when I was teaching myself to crochet. I was trying to make a simple square, like a potholder, and I kept getting triangles. Triangle after triangle, until I realized that I wasn’t adding the additional required stitch so I could turn the piece correctly. I felt like a fool when I realized the simple mistake I was making, and I kind of feel foolish now, thinking that the bear would be just as easy.

DSC07059 DSC07060I was also not too smart about the back legs. The legs on the bear need to be ‘Pi’ legs too, just like the bunny. I didn’t use patch faces either. Blerg. They aren’t a total loss. I’m going to add some stripes and some acorns and they’ll be chipmunks.

I really wanted bears though, so, back to the drawing board! I need to change the basic body so it’s more bear-like, and the legs too. The nose is wrong too. It needs to be black. What I need to do is rely on my illustration training! I need to actually LOOK at some bear pictures!

To the library!

2 thoughts on “I Was Trying to Make Bears, but Made Chipmunks Instead

  1. They are cute. You could give them a fluffy tail and make them squirrels too. For bears, I think you need a snout.

  2. katiekinsman22 says:

    I think they need more of a snout too, and a black nose. So far, my pattern attempts have made some cute little pigs — but I can’t quite get the bear where I want it. YES! I was thinking about big floofy tails too and making some squirrels!

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