Head’s Up: Site Upgrades Are Coming

Pulp-server-changesThe Asparagus Jumpsuit network of sites — AsparagusJumpsuit.com, BerinKinsman.com, and KatieKinsman.com — will be changing web hosts over the next few days. If you try to access the site and get strange messages or weird errors, don’t panic. All of the backstage voodoo (updating DNS addresses and such) probably hasn’t caught up with your service provider yet. Any outages that might occur shouldn’t last longer than a few minutes to a day at worst. Just try back later.

The reason for the change is so that we can expand our capacity. We’ll be offering more video content, downloadable audio content, and other downloadable freebies. We have a lot of things planned for all of the sites, and the new web host and the accompanying site redesigns will enable us to bring you improved content.

If you subscribe via RSS you shouldn’t experience any interruptions, and you should get notifications of new posts as normal. If you don’t see the subscribed sites in your feed, you might want to come back to the site and re-subscribe. We don’t want to lose you! That said, we will be following an altered (less-frequent) posting schedule until we know everything is working. If you see some posts, but not as many as usual, don’t worry, nothing’s broken.

If you subscribe via WordPress we’re going to automatically switch you over to our new email subscription service. You won’t miss anything, but the notifications you receive might look a little different. It’s not spam, we haven’t been hacked, we’re just using a different system to keep in touch with you.

The goal is for this to be quick and seamless, but realistically we all know that these things never go completely according to plan. We don’t want you to think that something has gone horribly awry, but we also don’t want you to lose track of us or forget about us on the off chance that, well, something goes horribly awry.

The grand re-opening of all three sites is Monday, July 22nd. As stated above, we’ll still be posting on a reduced schedule until then, but the “new normal” will start on that day.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can leave a comment below or email us at asparagus.jumpsuit@gmail.com

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