I Seem To Be Developing Some Sort of Fixation…

Seriously?! What is up with my sudden fascination with my cat Indiana’s little pink and black corn-nibblet toes?! I have no idea why I’m all the sudden enamored with them.

In the last few days, she’s taken a shine to laying underneath my Grandmother’s sewing machine (after her dinner) and snoozing away soundly for an hour or so, or until she decides to run around the house like a maniac chasing things that we can’t see, and ignoring the things she should be chasing that are part of the physical world. Weird cat.

DSC07324 DSC07327 DSC07330 Please excuse the dust and little bits of fur and cobwebs. I sweep every blasted day, but can never seem to keep everything dust free. Perhaps I should just use the cat as a dust rag while she’s sleeping?!

2 thoughts on “I Seem To Be Developing Some Sort of Fixation…

  1. Gloria Weber says:

    As the owner of two semi-humans and three dogs I feel your pain about the floor mess. I swear i sweep and five minutes later you can’t tell.

    And those are the cutest lil kitty toes. Very adorbs. 🙂

  2. katiekinsman22 says:

    I think the cats know when I’ve just cleaned the floor and wait to barf on it then. I sweep every single day and I STILL have huge, rolling wads of gray cat fur piling up in the dust pile!

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