Dolls Getting Closer to Being Finished

I’ve been working on four dolls for the past couple of days. I’ve started calling them my “Fat Quarter Dolls”, mostly because I challenged myself to use only a quarter of a yard of fabric for their clothing.

DSC07365 DSC07369 DSC07371The dolls each got a pair of bloomers first. Then I created their dresses. I didn’t get too all-fired fancy with the dresses. The dolls themselves are on the smallish side, and I didn’t want the dresses to become cumbersome.

DSC07384 DSC07385 DSC07386 DSC07388I added some freckles to two of the dolls and must remember that if I want freckles on the faces of future dolls, I really, really need to add them before the doll has been stuffed. I also added some little felt Mary Janes to their feet. I still need to make the socks (white, either from felt, or actual socks, I’ve not decided) and add their hair.

I’m fairly pleased with how these dolls are coming out, with the only exception being their knees. I must have been tired, because I sewed all eight of the knees going the wrong direction! BLERG!!! Using a seam ripper to remove the machine stitches was out of the question, because I’d just make holes in the felt, sooooo, I did a little extra hand stitching, and gave them ‘knees’ that don’t go right to left. I’d like to be done with these little ladies soon so I can move on to some other projects that are tugging at my brain in an increasingly earnest fashion.

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