Almost. Done. Alllllmost.

I’ve finished getting the hair and hairdo’s done for the four Fat Quarter Dolls. It’s always interesting doing the hair. I have a fairly firm idea of where I want to go, and then the materials say “Uh…no. We wanna do THIS!” Now, I could just throw my tools and yarn down and give-up, but I can’t. First of all, I have too much money and time invested at that point to just toss everything in the rubbish bin! Secondly, I just can’t let things go. Ever. Ask any of my friends. I. Can’t. Let. Go.

Originally, I wanted to use my pom-pom maker and create some cute little poofy buns for the dolls hairdos. My technique with the needle and the yarn wasn’t going to work with that. I discovered that I need to refine my technique a bit for it to work. Meanwhile, I did manage to get some silly looking pig-tails on a couple of the dolls.

DSC07431 DSC07432 DSC07422 DSC07423 DSC07426I went a little more traditional for the other two dolls. One got brown braids and the other got blonde pony tails. The blonde doll doesn’t have her ribbons in her hair yet, because I swore that I had some turquoise ribbon left, but as it turned out, it was lime green instead. At present, the turquoise ribbon is in my backpack at my feet and will be added to the doll as soon as I get home.

DSC07436 DSC07437 DSC07417 DSC07418You can see in a few of the pictures that I’ve added some little bags for the dolls to carry. I had kind of imagined them as little girls going to school, so little satchels of some sort for their books or papers is only natural. So far, I’ve crocheted a few, with the intent of putting in a fabric liner and a button closure, along with a little book and maybe some pencils.

I also finished the socks and the shoes. I only need to glue the shoes into place and that portion will be completely finished.

DSC07424 DSC07429 DSC07434 DSC07419The little feet remind me of either jelly beans or the the Wicked Witch of the East, you know, the one that Dorothy’s house squished, and all you saw poking out from under the house were the witches feet with the ruby slippers on them? I guarantee my dolls feet will not shrivel-up and roll-up like the Wicked Witch of the East’s did!

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