Little Crocheted Shoulder Bags

I finished four little bags for the four Fat Quarter Dolls. They were easy to make an took very little time. I used only a single crochet, and made a rectangle, folded it over, crocheted one side together, then the other side (starting at the bottom and working up). Once the bag was together, I just did a chain stitch to create the strap. The single chain seemed a little flimsy, so I added another row of stitches to it. Then secured the strap on the opposite side of where I started. Two of the bags got little chained closures that hook around a button.

DSC07476 DSC07479 DSC07472 DSC07480I used whatever yarn I had on hand. The teal one is from the yarn from the latest issue of Molly Makes magazine (I couldn’t help it! The color was perfect!); a cotton type of yarn, kind of like Sugar n’ Cream. The moss green colored one is some of the yarn from my Grandmother Wilma’s house, a Red Heart worsted weight.  The light blue and light green ones are a bamboo blend; I can’t remember the brand name. It’s very soft though.

I added the little buttons for the closures (and decoration) after I finished crocheting the bags. I then used some little scraps of fabric and made super-simple liners for each of the bags. Again, nothing very difficult; cut a rectangle, fold it in half, make sure you have the seam folded down for the top (at the opening) and sew a could straight seams on either end. I used a whip stitch to attach them to the inside of the bags.

DSC07474 DSC07478 DSC07485 DSC07484I’m resisting the urge to go completely overboard and make all manner of tiny hand bound books for each of the little dolls to carry in their bags. I sometimes get all caught up in tiny little details, meaning some dolls are never quite done in my eyes, and therefore cannot possibly be put up for sale. This is the opposite of what I should be doing! These four ladies, and their bags and whatever contents I do decide to put in them will be on sale on this website — look under SHOP on the header at the top of the page!

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