New School, New Classroom

At the beginning of every school year, I pick out some weakness I feel I have as a teacher and work on getting better at it during the school year. There are some weaknesses that I feel I will never overcome, like not answering my phone. I really dislike talking on the phone and would rather text. It’s so much easier, and for those people who know me, they text me because they KNOW I will answer them almost immediately. Phone me at your own risk.


This year, I decided that I wanted to be ahead of the curve and have all my supplies moved from their storage unit to my new school as soon as possible. I know my first day of teaching is August 19th, and I figured that moving the second week of August would be fine. As it turned out, the movers could (and did!) move me on August 1st!

DSC07530 DSC07528First, a note about the movers. My school district lets us hire from a pool of local moving companies. They come with a truck and two people and move all our supplies from a central storage place to our assigned schools. I’m at a different school every year. Sometimes I can leave/store my supplies at a school site, and other times it’s just easier to move them into our central storage. An entire move takes less than four hours, start to finish.

I always get nervous and tense around moving time. Those feelings all vanish when the movers get to work. They’re awesome! They’re so used to moving us that they’ve got it down to a science.

DSC07540 DSC07543 DSC07544 DSC07545 DSC07546 DSC07547 DSC07548 DSC07550 DSC07552My new classroom looks really good. I’m excited that I have two chalk boards and four bulletin boards, and a little foyer with places the students can hang winter coats and jackets. I’ve got a sink too! OH! We art teachers are over the moon when we get a sink!!! OH! And I have lots and lots of cabinets and shelves to stash supplies in and on. The only thing I need are tables and chairs. I’m pretty sure that the reason I don’t have them in the classroom right now is because there was a music teacher assigned to the room last year, and they really don’t need tables and chairs.

So, I’ve checked off one of my weaknesses (not getting moved in to my school soon enough) checked off the list for this school year. Not too shabby! My next weakness to work on is shedding some of my supplies. Use them up in lessons or trade them to another art teacher for something else I can use. Also falling into that category is sorting out all my visuals and getting them better organized. My friend Cinamon has the most amazingly organized visuals! I want mine to be like hers! I think I can handle working on those weaknesses this year. Totally do-able!

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