A Sunflower and Her Jumping Spider

DSC07508I’ve been waiting to take some pictures of my sunflowers for some time. They aren’t as big as they were last year, which isn’t bad at all, just a little perplexing. I used seeds that I harvested from last years flowers to plant for this years flowers. They did so well that I thought I’d get similar ‘flower results’ and that’s not been the case. Oh well. This one just bloomed and it’s lovely — so I shouldn’t be whining! I noticed that the above pictured flower has buds all along it’s stem, so I have more flowers to look forward to as the summer marches on!

DSC07507While I was taking these pictures I noticed something moving around on the flower. I didn’t hear any humming, so it wasn’t a bee. It was a jumping spider!

DSC07503Jumping spiders are so cute! This little guy seems to like this spot a lot and has had some luck hunting too because I found a few empty carcasses in and on the flower and stem that had to have been his prey. I called Berin out to look at this little guy and he would back up and hide when we got too close, and then pop back out when we backed off.

DSC07502I managed to get the above photo by holding the camera waaaay out and away from the flower and snapping blindly! Ha! I was so intent on getting the jumping spider in the picture that I totally didn’t see the big flower bud it’s sitting on!

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