Gibby in a Box!

DSC07637 DSC07635Berin needed a new computer bag and ordered one from Think Geek. He got the Bag of Holding (it was on sale!). It’s so awesome that now I would like one too, seeing as my teacher bag (the one that I called the ‘Studio Apartment’ it was so big) died. I’m currently using my old backpack. It’ll do for now. I suppose it ensures that I can’t carry EVERYTHING I OWN around with me at any given time.

Berin was like a little boy on Christmas morning waiting for the bag to be delivered. He had the box open in a matter of seconds after delivery. As you can guess, Mr. Gibbs decided that the box was perfectly Gibby-sized and has taken to napping in it a lot. If he’s not in the box, he’s on the footstool. And sometimes he’ll sit on the footstool and glare at the other cats when they sit in HIS box! And then sometimes, he joins them, like this:

DSC07774 DSC07781 DSC07786Cats are weird.

2 thoughts on “Gibby in a Box!

  1. We bought a box for the cats, it just happened to have a messenger bag for me inside of it..

  2. I hope I can get a bag of holding soon, before this box wears out. Gibby will be heartbroken if he has nowhere to nap!

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