Working on Some New Dolls

While I’m waiting on a felt order from Joggles, I’m trying hard to use up the remainders of the felt I have left from previous dolls. I’m making little bears, bunnies and little cherubs.

DSC08232These are really simple dolls. Two large pieces for the head, body and legs, four smaller pieces for the arms, four additional pieces for the ears (or wings) and the doll is pretty much together. I also eliminated the appliqueing on the faces and just used Tacky glue to secure the faces to the heads. I used some Scribblers fabric paint to put the little high-light in the pupil of each eye.

DSC08231I changed around the mouths on these dolls too. Originally, I had the mouths look like they were yelling and put more teeth inside the mouth. Of the eight dolls I made (four bears and four bunnies) for the craft sale at Manzano last weekend I sold exactly zero. I thought that I priced them pretty reasonably ($12), but I didn’t sell even one of them. I thought that maybe it was the mouth that was throwing people off, so I made these smiling instead of yelling. Maybe that’ll help them sell at the Highland Craft Fair in December.

DSC08216It’s strange what some people think is weird and what some people think is completely normal. The above yelling bunnie looks completely normal to me.

I plan on having a pattern completed and up on the site for sale soon! This is such an easy doll to make! I hope the pattern sells well! Remember, all proceeds from the sale of my artwork and patterns helps me get to Finland for my graduate school program in education at the University of Jyväskylä!

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