My Old Girl

Indiana is really starting to show her age. In the last year or so, she’s gone from a pretty active cat, to one that sleeps most of the time, either on my lap or the little doll bed she’s claimed as her own. When she’s a really asleep, she’s completely out too. She’s doing what Berin and I call “the hard-sleep”. It’s to be expected. She is going on 18 years old.

The other night, Berin got up from his desk to get some coffee and when he came back, he found Indy, curled-up, sound asleep on his chair cushion. I grabbed the camera to try and snap some cute pictures of her, but I must have bumped the chair, because she actually woke-up.

DSC08227 DSC08226 DSC08225 DSC08224 DSC08223 DSC08222Her cheeks are getting more sunken, with all the teeth she’s losing, and of course, she smells like butt 90% of the time, but she is my cat and I love her, stink and all.

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