Baby It’s Cold Outside!

DSC08233 DSC08234 DSC08235 DSC08236 DSC08239 DSC08240 DSC08241 DSC08242 DSC08243 DSC08244It has gotten really, really cold here over the past few days. The added wind made it feel even colder. We even had a tw0-hour delay this morning for school! Berin and I are trying very hard to save money (for Finland and graduate school expenses) and we’re keeping the thermostat low, in fact, some nights we turn it off completely. Our last gas bill was about eight times more than we had been previously been paying per month for our gas bill, and believe me, our mouths hit the floor when we opened that bill.

The cats have not been happy with the new heating restrictions, especially Indiana and Gibson, our Elder Cats. More and more, we’re finding them curled up together and sleeping. Bella is usually somewhere underneath Bebe; they seem to have some sort of détente going during the cold months.

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