Easy-Peasy Doll™ Patterns!

DSC08288I’m so excited about this pattern! The name says it all; these are easy-peasy little dolls to make! With one pattern, you’ll be able to create a bunny doll, a kitty doll, a bear doll and a cherub doll. I’ve included a few little extra pattern pieces so that you can personalize your Easy-Peasy Doll for yourself or whomever you’d like to make it for!

The complete pattern will be available on my Etsy Shop (as a down-loadable PDF priced at $4.00) by end of the day on Tuesday, December 3rd. I’ll also have a few short how-to videos posted on the Asparagus Jumpsuit YouTube page by Tuesday too! The videos will be a complement to the pattern directions, because if your even a little like me, having a picture to help explain the directions is extremely helpful!

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