Baby It’s Still Cold Outside!

DSC08274This afternoon, I came out of the studio to find this on my chair in the living room. I’m guessing that the girl kitties found the temperature to be a little nippy today.

DSC08275DSC08279Later in the afternoon, I came out again to find the line-up of kitties on the chair had changed a little bit. Gibby was trying very hard to slowly sneak in and snuggle with Bella and Bebe.

DSC08280DSC08287My poor Old Man Mr. Gibbs! Bebe and Bella were not moving around at all to make room for him! He’s so old and boney! During the past few weeks, he’s decided that Berin is his human, and every time Berin sits down, Mr. Gibbs is right there on his lap. He’s become so tolerant, that Berin can even pick him up and hold him in his arms and Gibbs doesn’t squirm or fuss and want to get down!

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