Making Things or How I’m Spending My Winter Break: Part 5

DSC08492Dolls. I’m piecing doll after doll after doll. I think at this point, I’ve pieced 20 or so just in the last 24 hours. By ‘pieced’ I mean, I’ve cut out all the pieces (arms, legs, body, pockets, faces, etc.) and have glued down the faces and they are ready to have the faces appliqued down, the limbs sewn together and the whole lot stuffed. Getting this large hunk of work out of the way makes it a little easier to do a little work at a time; I just pull the next doll off of the stack and start sewing.

DSC08488I’m kind of itching to create some new monster doll patterns, but as of right now, they aren’t selling well (in person or on Etsy), so I’m going to back-burner the idea. I’ve got several other doll patterns that I’d like to finish and try to sell. Maybe people will like the new doll patterns better than my Monster Doll Patterns? I hope so.

DSC08490I always think it’s hard to choose the colors for my monster dolls, partially because I have no idea what a potential buyer may like. They may like one style of monster, but not the color I chose, or vice versa. Perhaps they like the small hat on one monster, but they want it on the other pink monster. Then there are the people who say that $15 is an “awful lot of money to be asking” for a completed monster doll. I try to push that all out of my head while I’m working. Sometimes I can’t keep all that negativity at bay. Wow. I didn’t mean to become such a buzz-kill there. Like anyone trying to make money at being creative, I sometimes get a little ‘downward spirally’ when negative comments start accumulating.

DSC08458I’ve also pieced several Fat Quarter Dolls in addition to all the monster dolls. I’m trying to use what I have on hand instead of buying more felt and fabric. I’ve got some new ideas for these dolls already and have been itching to bring those ideas to life. And after all, I have a ton of fabric that I need to use up before June!

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