Making Things or How I’m Spending My Winter Break Part 7

DSC08493I’ve been experimenting with my Fat Quarter Doll Pattern during the past few days. I think I pieced twelve FQ Dolls, but I think I may have made a few additional ones as well. I know this sounds strange, but I like working in even numbered amounts when it comes to making dolls. I’m not exactly sure why, it just seems wrong to make five dolls, but right to make six. I chalk it up to some sort of artistic idiosyncrasy of unknown origin.

The picture above is of a doll that’s been gnawing at the back of my brain for a while now. The song “Brainia’s Daughter” by the Dukes of Stratoshear (XTC). It’s off of their  1987 album Psnoic Psunspot. The whole album is wonderful, but if I had to pick a favourite track, it’d be Brainiac’s Daughter.

Brainiac’s daughter
Made me a suit of bricks and mortar
And a matching stove pipe hat, oh yes
Brainiac’s daughter
Took me on a sleigh ride underwater
And I’m crazy for girls like that
Oh yes Sir, yes Sir
Three bags full Sir

All across the land the bells ring out
It’s night, sun shines bright
So I reach to hold
Her frozen hand in flight
As we alight in
The bottle city of Kandor

Brainiac’s daughter
Talks like a Daily Planet Reporter
Sitting cross legged
There on the mat, oh yes
Brainiac’s daughter
Swallowed the pocket watch I bought her
And I’m crazy for girls like that
Oh yes Sir, Yes Sir
All fall down Sir

And I love the lights that blink on and off
All around her head
And I love the clothes
That she tries on and off
Landing on the bed
Yes Sir, Yes Sir
Three bags full Sir

DSC08499DSC08498I decided to piece the faces a little differently than the FQ Dolls I’ve made previously. Instead of round eyes, I gave them almond-shaped eyes. I also pieced the iris and the pupil as well. The mouth I changed a little bit, making it a simple smiling closed mouth. All of the pieces of felt were tacked down with a little Aleene’s so they wouldn’t move around, then appliqued down with embroidery thread.

I’ve been trying so, so, so (extra hard) to use up fabric and felt that I have on hand, and only buying felt (especially) when I’m completely out of a needed color. These two dolls gave me a creative excuse to patch-work together some odds and ends of flesh-toned felts that I had just a little bit left of.

DSC08500I’m not sure if you can really see it clearly in the above picture of arms and legs (ready to have their elbow and knee joints sewn down) or not, but I’ve used several different flesh-tones for the limbs (as well as the ears pictured way up at the top of this post). I like the patch-work of different tones. I’m going to rummage around in my felt to see if I can recreate this effect with some other colors of felt.

DSC08512During the sewing together of a doll, there’s always a point in which the doll looks like it’s looking at me, all head-over-heals-like. It seems strange that they have such calm expressions when I’m bending them all over the place!

DSC08518Here they are, all stuffed and sewn together. They just needed signatures on their rear-ends! Now, I have to get crackin’ on the outfits I’ve planned for them! My little Brainiac’s Daughters!

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