Making Things or How I Spent My Winter Break Part 8

DSC08531 DSC08535I posted previously about creating some new Fat Quarter Dolls and how I was experimenting a little with different faces and techniques. The pictures above show what the dolls look like before I add the black ‘lines’ around the eyes, the eyelashes and the smile. I just don’t think they look right without the black accent lines. I also changed around the open smiling mouth a little. I made it a little smaller and only put two teeth in the mouth instead of five. I also decided not to applique the teeth down. I glued them down with Aleene’s instead. The teeth are so very small! No matter what sized needle I use, I’m not happy with the size of the stitches or the disruption to the felt (it looks frayed after stitching), so I decided to just not applique them down. Problem solved.

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