The Monster Pile is Beginning to Grow

DSC02238I’ve been working on monster dolls. The above picture is of some of them, although, without their crowns, fez’s, bows and critters to go in their pockets. I revamped the Cecil pattern and I’m a lot happier with it, so now I need to go back into the digital files and make the necessary corrections to the pattern and then I can put it up for sale at my Etsy shop.

DSC02241I’ve got five more monster dolls with faces that are almost complete. Then I just need to sew all of their limbs together and they’ll be closer to finished as well! You can also see a stack of Fat Quarter Dolls that are pieced and glued, but waiting for me to applique their faces and sew all their limbs and bodies together as well. Poor Yellow Rabbit. She’s still naked and waiting for her dress! I’m a rotten doll maker!

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