Articulated Paper Doll Sketches

I spent today working on some articulated paper doll sketches. I’m not really sure if these dolls are even something that I could ever possibly sell; I mean, who would want to buy one of these?! Especially in the day and age of cheap plastic dolls and toys.

DSC02349I started out with some relatively quick pencil sketches. I had already created a pattern for all of the paper dolls parts, so this went fairly quickly.

DSC02354I then did some outlining with black sharpie. The one with the curly hair on the end was partially inspired by Myrna Loy because I was watching a couple of Thin Man movies while working on the dolls.

DSC02358I decided to work with just some Crayola markers for these, trying out some color combinations, skin colors and hair colors. Oh, and I didn’t take pictures of the arms and legs as I worked on them because I thought it would make this an über-picture-heavy post.

DSC02364Here are all of them put together, but without their skirts. I cut out the skirts from separate pieces of colored paper, and then just attached them at the waistlines of the finished dolls.

DSC02382 DSC02388I also added some little ribbons in their hair as well as some little plastic gems for some of the buttons and decorations on their clothing.

DSC02374 DSC02377 DSC02378 DSC02381I have no idea what I’m going to do with this idea. Anything that would be for sale would have a lot better color — not the streaky markers. Ornaments? Cards? Do I want to make some kind of easy downloadable PDF?!

2 thoughts on “Articulated Paper Doll Sketches

  1. Annette says:

    What if you sold it in black and white and the person buying it could color it themselves?
    You could have accessories such as purses, jewelry, cats, dogs, etc., if you want to go that far. All could be colored in by the buyer. People love to color.
    If you sold them at craft fairs they could be printed on card stock. And you could include a few brads, ribbon, and gems. I have some of that stuff if you need it.
    If it was downloadable, they could print it on card stock. And you could have suggestions of embellishments.

  2. I was thinking about that. I’ve started working on some dolls that are just black and white. I need to do a layout in Illustrator, so I can sell it as a PDF.

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