The Flames are Getting Higher!

DSC02426 DSC02429 DSC02416 DSC02422I sketched out a Dia de los Muertos paper doll over the weekend. This design really does need some color! I’ve been scanning in the designs I’ve drawn before cutting them out and putting them together. I will need to do some tweaking to the skirt (it’s crooked) and some of the designs (they aren’t as symmetrical as I I’d like).

DSC02431 DSC02434 DSC02436 DSC02437I like a lot of this dolls design, except I got the feet wrong!!! ACK! I was trying to conserve cardboard and placed the lower lets in such a way that I couldn’t see that I’d drawn them facing the same direction. Crud. It’s an easy fix on the computer; I’ll just select that portion of the drawing and flip it. I just hate making such stupid mistakes! It makes me feel so not smart!

I’ll get them fixed and adjusted and printed and then I can sell them at the upcoming La Cueva Craft Sale on May 3rd!

One thought on “The Flames are Getting Higher!

  1. Annette says:

    You are too hard on yourself. Only you know that you intended for them to go in opposite directions. You were smart enough to think of an easy fix on the computer. I like the mask. Looking forward to seeing what other accessories you come up with. Maybe one of your cats or bunnies.

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