Sleepy Indiana Toe-Beans

DSC08924 DSC08925 DSC08928 DSC08920Indiana has gotten a lot older in the past six months. She’s no longer Alpha-Cat, Bebe is. She’s started doing what I can the “old cat sleep” which means she sleeps so hard and so deeply that it really takes a lot of noise or movement to wake her up. She’s gotten a lot thinner too. Her teeth are bad and I hesitate in taking her to the vet because of the stories I’ve read online in which people recount their experiences taking elderly cats to the vet to have teeth removed and their cats health went downhill and they passed away soon afterward. She’s enjoying her new squishy food and actively reminds me when it’s foodie time. The new food has given her ‘spoiled milk farts’, but hey, she loves the food so that’s all that matters. She still sits in the sink and wants me to turn on her fountain for her. She still gets the woolie-boogers and runs around the house like a little freak. She’s just getting old. Really old. I realized a couple weeks ago, she’s coming up on 18 years old herself. Gibson was just about eight or nine months older than she is.

Of all the things that I’m nervous about when it comes to moving to Finland, Indiana is one of them. I don’t worry about Bella and Bebe. Bella loves everyone with hands and is a total sweetheart who would be comfortable in any household. Bebe is gorgeous and will have no problem being adopted. Indiana’s pretty  old for a cat and finding a home for her is going to be very hard for me. Okay. Very emotionally hard for me.  She’s my cat. She loves people and is very affectionate to everyone, but still….she’s my cat. If you’ve ever played D&D, she’s basically my bonded animal companion; I should be with her until the end of her life or mine. Indiana doesn’t have much time left and I hope I can find her a good, kind, loving home where she can live out her last years in happiness and contentment. (Please note: suggestions for how I should go about finding Indiana a good home would be most welcomed!)

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