Framing Drawings

DSC09025I spent most of the day preparing items for the May 3rd La Cueva Craft Show. I’ve got a ton of artwork to sell! All the little new clay monsters are done and packed for the show and I finished-up some bracelets and resin pendant necklaces today as well.

DSC09017You can see that I’ve used some of the paper that I painted last weekend in the mounting and framing of these original drawings. It’s always a little hard to figure out what color combinations for mats and frames that will work. Getting the colors to mesh with the piece of artwork is comparatively easy, picking out the colors that a potential buyer might prefer is a lot harder.

DSC09021(All proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014.)

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