Cats. What Else?!?!

DSC02535 DSC02532 DSC02537 DSC02526 DSC02523 DSC02528I’m trying to get used to the new camera. The one that I call ‘Berin’s Camera’. It’s a lot different than the other point and shoot camera that I was using for years. I’ve also discovered that my old versions of Photoshop and Illustrator don’t work on my new/old computer. Poo. I’m used to having a lot more options for editing photos than what I have now. Oh well. If it’s the worst thing that happens to be today, I count myself a lucky person!

I’ve just recently made-up with Bebe von Chickiepants. She’s been a royal pain in the backside for a week or so. Now that she knows I’ve forgiven her, she’s terrifically, vocally insistent that I give her pets, scratches and loves. If I had a nickel for every time I told her “You’re lucky you’re pretty…” in the past week, I think I’d have $50.

Indiana’s really showing her age. She loves the doll bed and will nap in it when Bebe isn’t. She moves to the Studio for a while in the afternoon, and then the bathroom sink in the early evening.

Bella. What can I say about the Velvet Pork Chop?! The weather here has been unseasonably cool, so she’s enjoying some extra lap-time. It will end soon; she’s just too much cat to have on your lap when it’s 96 degrees! Summer time is tough when you’re a Velvet Pork Chop!

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