EVERYTHING MUST GO! GO! GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_20140608_142802Whew. The past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity for me. With my final day of school long past, it has been time to get the No Sleep Til Finland gears all working full blast!

So far, I’ve taken two carloads of donations to Goodwill, with a third coming this week. I’ve gone through some (not nearly all) of my artwork and am deciding what stays, what goes and what I can sell. I have a lot to sell, specifically dolls to sell. I had six large containers of dolls in the storage closet! Wow. I had no idea I had that many dolls!

IMG_20140607_120909Not exactly pretty. I likened it to some kind of massacre or the set of Sanford and Son (if they’d sold dolls), there were so many little bodies strewn about the living room. So. Many. Dolls.

IMG_20140607_135729 IMG_20140607_135745-1 IMG_20140607_135803-1 IMG_20140607_135813 IMG_20140607_140444-1 IMG_20140607_140453-1I’m sorry for the quality of the pictures. I stupidly let my camera battery run down to nothing, so I had to take these with my camera phone. Better pictures will have to be taken!

If you are interesting in any of the dolls that you have seen in any of the pictures, please send me an email and I can let you know how much the doll is (it’s going to be a bargain basement price) and how much shipping will be.

(All proceeds from the sale of my artwork will be going towards getting myself and my husband to Finland where I will be beginning work on my Masters in Education at the University of Jyväskylä in September 2014.)

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