Katie in Finland: America is Weird

In this episode, Katie and Berin talk about things Europeans find weird about the United States.

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One thought on “Katie in Finland: America is Weird

  1. Lasse says:

    Hi. I like your podcast. As a Finn it’s really interesting to hear what foreigners think of out country and these comparison episodes are especially good. A little thing about this episode that I can’t help but correct you is the case of rounding up the cents in stores. It seems like you think it’s somehow random given the way you explained how you can cover the total of €1.03 sometimes with €1 and other times €1.05. That’s not the case. There’s actually zero ambiguity in how the rounding goes.

    1c and 2c are always rounded down to 0c
    3c and 4c are always rounded up to 5c
    6c and 7c are always rounded down to 5c
    8c and 9c are always rounded up to 10c

    But the rounding is only made when you pay with cash. And that’s what I think can potentionally throw you off. If you pay with credit/debit card there is no rounding and your account is charged the exact sum (to the cent) that your purchace totals.

    By the way. The recap at the beginning of part 2 is hilariously appropriate to the topic.

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