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Relocation and Online Shop

What brought me here today:

My previous blog post talked briefly about some of the rather large changes that will be occurring in the life of myself and my husband in the near future. The timeline for our relocation is slowly becoming more solidified. I honestly think that getting ourselves emotionally ready to relocate, and making the plans to do so are the harder parts of the entire process. We’ve done this before, so it’s not a complete unknown to us.

There is a certain degree of freedom felt on my part once the process is completely underway. It forces me to to make decisions about what are the most important tools, supplies and materials that I cannot part with. When those decisions are made, donating, gifting and selling the remaining items is easy. While relocating isn’t ever easy, I do employ some methods for making it somewhat easier.

I’ll detail some of those super-easy-to-do methods later in this post. First, I need to do a little “businessing” of the business.

Online shop:

During the relocation, I will need to shut down my online shop for about four weeks. The last day that I will be able to receive and fulfill orders from my online shop will be Saturday, June 12, 2021. Orders received by 12 June will be sent by 15 June from Jyväskylä, Finland.

Large pieces, like Blue Doll #10, Sister Bougainvilla, Point of Conception, and y Tragedia, require more intricate and careful packaging to be sent through the post. I recommend that if you wish to purchase any of these pieces, purchasing sooner would be better. The closer I get to the deadline, the less I will be able to package larger pieces for the post.

When will online shop reopen?

My online shop will reopen Monday, July 19, 2021. When my online shop reopens in July, there will be some items no longer offered for sale. I recommend that if you see a piece that you want, purchase it before 12 June 2021. Because I cannot guarantee that it will be returning to the shop in the future.

If you have any questions regarding the temporary closure and reopening of my online shop, please contact me here.

What about the rest of your website?

Blog posts on Tuesdays and Fridays will (fingers crossed) still be written and posted every week. Relocating can be stressful and anxiety-riddled. Writing blog posts is something that I can still do with nothing more than a keyboard and an internet connection required. Keeping up with my blog posts will give me some needed structure during a somewhat chaotic period of time. It will also give me a way of communicating to the world.

What may change around a bit is what I’m writing about within each of the twice weekly blog posts. My Tuesday blog posts often have entrepreneurial and/or business themes. While my Friday blog posts are mostly about creating artwork and talking about what I’m making or thinking about making. Relocation time may see these thematic posts morph a bit.

And this is totally okay. My personal motto is: “If it’s not bleeding or on fire, I can handle it.” What this really means is, if I don’t need a physician or a fire truck full of fire fighters, I can fix and/or figure it out myself. Okay, perhaps with the help of my hardworking, long-suffering, Totoro-Bear husband.

Now for something you’ll really like:

I’m still creating artwork, but I’m keeping it small. I created eighteen tiny, teenie and teensie dolls knowing that they will be finished after I have set-up a work space in our new accommodations. Other pieces like the 4 Box Doll set, and the 4 Bottle Dolls will be finished in the new location as well.

I’ve started playing around with the physical form of the 12 cm dolls. I created Penelope and made her two hair buns actual little heads with faces on them. I was partially inspired to do this by the Kashira in Spirited Away. There was something that’s strangely visceral for me about these three rolling and stacking heads. I can’t quite explain it. I just wanted to make a small doll with stacked heads.

Another influence for this head-stacking is an episode of Adventure Time. It’s the one where Lumpy Space Princess runs away and terrorizes a village of little people that she calls ‘fat villagers‘. There’s something about those little villagers. I just want to stack them one on top of the other. The residents of the Candy Kingdom are also an influence. Especially the ice cream people.

Penelope’s sister:

The news right now, and most of the world is a bit scary. We’ve been watching the Netflix She-ra and the Princesses of Power series. It’s very good. The creators did a great job updating the characters while referencing the artistic styles of the past. It’s better storytelling and more cohesive than the Snyder Cut of Justice League in my opinion.

I was never a fan of the original She-ra cartoon or toys. I was 15. A little old for cartoons and dolls. Even though I loved cartoons and dolls at 15. I had to put up the pretense of NOT liking them for my fragile teenage psyche. (Insert eye roll here.) Newsflash to my former self: I’m 50 and make dolls and watch cartoons and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it. The Geezer Paradox is on full display here!

Penelope’s sister, who still needs a name, has been influenced by the Princesses of Power. Especially the residents of Bright Moon. She’s getting a longer, poofier skirt too. Her boots will be more like something Glimmer would wear though. And perhaps a little crown, or three that are a little more Adventure Time/Candy Kingdom too. But first she needs a name.


This method of making decisions regarding what to do with all the items I’ve collected for my art midden over the years is super-easy. It leans into my intense love of putting things into categories. The four main categories are: Keep, Donate, Give Away/Gift and Trash/Recycle. There is also another category: Sell. I’ll write another post giving more detail about how I use all five of these categories in the weeks ahead.

During the sorting of items, they may be moved from one category to another several times. No decisions are final until the donation van pulls away from the curb, or the bag of treasures given to a friend or colleague!  Do not feel that you MUST give up items that you have a deep or sentimental connection with either. That can be traumatic. And this method is an attempt to reduce mental and emotional trauma.

Don’t feel as thought you MUST do all of this sorting in one day either. There is no need to get yourself mentally and emotionally exhausted or wound-up simply to finish the task in an arbitrarily set amount of time. Sometimes making a list of who I would like to give/gift items to is enough for the day. Other times, I can blow-through an entire wall of cabinet items in an hour and half. Take the time you need to do what you need to do!

So what now?

Well, I’m going to continue working on small pieces. 12 cm dolls mostly. Then there is all the cleaning, organizing and dispersal of non-critical tools, supplies and materials. And that’s just my studio items! Then I’ll be seeing friends and gifting a lot of stuff!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Friday.