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Incredible Kindness

What brought me here today:

Regular readers of my weekly blog know that my husband and I are moving. It’s been strange and stressful. Also a but sad. Pulling up stakes and rearranging your entire life isn’t supposed to be easy. I’m glad that I have great friends and an amazing husband to help me through this weird period of time. I know I’m not alone in all of this.

Incredible kindness:

I wanted to take moment to thank all of the incredible people who have purchased of my artwork. And all of those who have contributed (money, time, support, abilities, advice, etc.) to helping us get through the unforeseen snags that our moving has run into. I am completely and totally awestruck by the incredible kindness of the people who have stepped-up to aid us in our time of need.

When I asked one friend how I could ever possibly repay their kindness, she simply said, “Pay it forward.” I only hope that I’m up to the challenge. The contribution from this friend will allow me to expand my small business. And begin working on many of the projects that I have planned for the upcoming year. I’ve now added new project ideas to that list that will allow me to pay it forward too.

Doubting Thomas:

There is a part of me that is always suspicious of the aforementioned kindnesses directed toward me. There’s a part of me that always thinks that there MUST be some kind of string attached to the offer. No one would ever want to do something nice to or for me. Remember, I assume that people don’t like me or want me around because I’m loud and annoying. Oh yeah, and fat.

Being born and raised in the United States doesn’t help either. You know the saying, ‘There’s no free lunch’ right? As an American, I assume that nothing is ever free. And if it appears to be free, then there must be some strings attached to the offer. Sometimes, those strings don’t even have to be a specific term or condition. It could be the removal of friendship, love or approval. Or the threat of using it against me in some imagined future situation.

Yeah, I know exactly how messed-up that sounds. Such is some of the baggage that needs no packing when we move.

Additions to shop:

This part of the blog post may seem a bit odd. Why would I possibly be adding more artwork to my online shop when I plan on closing it in four short days?! Part of moving is deciding what to keep and what not to keep. I hate making these kinds of decisions. I’ve thought more about what art supplies, tools, materials, and artwork to take with me to the new residence than any of my clothes, shoes or other possessions.

The three dolls that I have added to my online shop are ones that I never intended to offer for sale. Each of them had some slightly experimental creative aspects to their design and construction. All three of the dolls have a lot of appliqué and embroidery work on their bodies and clothing.

Adama started out as a clumsy little drawing in my sketchbook. I created a hairstyle and method of attaching the hair to the head of the doll that I continue to use. Cielo and Xochitl were both created because I found myself missing the Day of the Dead celebrations in Albuquerque NM. Each of their skirts has a double-headed serpent on it. I used a piece of Aztec artwork as inspiration.

Now what?

Back to businessing the business. Packing up orders to get mailed out tomorrow. Working on some Go Marielle stories. Packing and organizing for the move.

Thank you for reading, and I will see you again next Tuesday,

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