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Big Badda BOOM!

What brought me here today:

This is my last regular, biweekly blog posts until. We’re going through a lot of changes, including a big move. Then re-establishing ourselves in a completely new place. There will be sporadic blog posts between now and 6 July 2021. I wonder what kind of stories I’ll have to tell by then?

Accumulated detritus:

I’ve moved around a lot in my life. The first ten years I lived in Albuquerque, I moved at least once a year. Then, when I was teaching elementary art, I had to pack up and move my entire classroom once a year. Twice a year when I began teaching. It’s never been something that I have enjoyed. It was a thing that simply had to be endured.

When we moved from the US to Finland, I was embarrassed at the amount of stuff I had accumulated over the almost twenty years I lived in Albuquerque. There were times when I was packing when I looked at an object and thought, “Why do I still have this? I never use this. Ever.” We donated, gifted, and sold almost everything we owned. It was a liberating process. Both mentally and physically.

This move:

This time around, we are again donating and gifting many things. Many of my art supplies and materials have been donated, along with some of my artwork as well. We chose not to sell anything this time around for a few reasons. The first being, that we wanted to help out people who will be looking for good, second hand furniture, clothing, housewares, etc. The second being that we’re still not quite sure about having people we didn’t know in and our of our apartment, with the pandemic not being over.

The second hand place that is coming (in about an hour) is one that I worked with. In fact, there are many items that I purchased at there that are now going back to be sold again. I don’t see any problem with that at all. In fact, I kind of like it. It reduces my footprint on the environment. The clock I bought for 2€ will now go back and be sold again. Not into a landfill (yet).

Remaining tasks:

I still have to pack up my artwork. Surprisingly, I’m not taking many art supplies. I’ve gotten myself whittled-down to a few key tools and materials that I use every day, and that’s it. I have several boxes that I will pack my larger artwork in. I haven’t packed them up because the apartment has been so messy! Everything that was inside a closet, drawer or shelf is now in a bag or box waiting to be taken away.

I think that there’s a part of me that is not looking forward to packing-up my artwork for some reason. I’ve not been able to pinpoint why exactly it’s bugging me. I suppose that I’ll figure our at least part of it while in the actual act of packing-up the artwork. Some of my smaller pieces, as well as a few pieces that aren’t finished will be packed into my luggage. Remember, I have far, far fewer articles of clothing than I do artwork!

What happened next:

I had finished the above portions of this blog post prior to 12;00. That’s when the second hand showed-up to pick up our donations. It did not go as well as I had hoped. I had scheduled the pick-up several weeks ago. Telling the person scheduling the pick-up that we had a lot of items. Bookcases, desks, chairs, living room chairs, a bed with mattress, etc. I stressed to them that we were donating an entire one bedroom apartment of furniture.

The whole fracas that happened just makes me feel awful. I totally lost my cool with one of the second hand’s staff, when he kept insisting that he would not take the bed, my desk, the living room chairs, and other pieces of furniture because they were essentially junk. “Broken! No! No!” and “See, stain! NO!” was what he said over and over again.

Added to this, he was bossing me and my husband around. “Hurry! Pick this up!” and “HURRY!“. He bullied my husband, attempting to make him help to carry a bookshelf down the stairs. My husband has a bad hip (hit by a bus as a young person). And I just lost it completely. I looked at the man, pointed at my husband’s hip and loudly said, “RIKKI!” The man then backed-off and apologized.

Insult, I’d like you to meet injury:

Along with the items they refused to take, like books. “NO BOOKS!” I got the distinct impression that the reason he was saying no to items was because he didn’t want to move them. The constant insinuations that my belongings were broken, crap-stained, garbage, is still bugging me all these hours later. He was very interested in our TV, which we had promised to a friend. And several times seemed to be trying to get us to say, “Oh just take it!” We never did, and the TV has been picked-up.

About a half an hour after they left, we got a text message from the second hand shop saying they were very sorry they couldn’t take everything. Their van was full. And then offered me another number where I could have the items picked-up and taken to a landfill, for a price.

Okay. Let’s unpack this. Perfectly good, single-owner furniture will be put in a landfill because…they didn’t have room in the van? Or was it because their staff kept telling me my furniture was broken pieces of crap? I’m going to need someone to explain this to me better. Maybe using sock puppets. To make this even more suspicious, we did see their van before they closed the doors, and guess what? There was room in it for a lot more items.


After the second hand staff movers left, a good friend and her daughters dropped-by to visit for a bit and pick up some items that I had for them. I had put aside a lot of art supplies and materials, plus a lot of just weird and quirky stuff that I thought they would enjoy. Talking with them and joking around did a lot to settle my jangled nerves. Even though I cried a little.

After our friends left, my husband and I walked down to Keljon and ate a huge, much-to-bad-for-you meal at Hesburger. We even got the ‘iso ateria’! We stopped at the K-Market and picked-up a few groceries to tide us over for the next few days too. I hadn’t even thought of how long it had been since either of us had eaten anything. It was past 14;00, and we’d eaten at 7;00.

So, now what?

Once I finish posting this blog post. I go back to packing-up my artwork. My husband is taking out the items that can be put into either the trash or recycling bins. It was about 25 here today. And we were both just knackered after getting home from Keljon. I took a long nap. Now I’m here procrastinating a bit. Man. I need to go pack that artwork!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again in July!

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  1. It’s currently 27°, and my hip and I have gone up and down the two flights of stairs to our flat approximately 287 times.

  2. You have done yeoman’s duty. I couldn’t do anything like this without you!

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