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Relocation Update

What brought me here today:

The move has been completed! Well, okay, wait a minute. At least the hardest parts of the move have been completed. No more strangers riffling through my artwork, art supplies, and clothing. No luggage was lost. The flights have all been completed. There will be no more asking about my current vaccine status by said total strangers. Which is nice because I’m kind of done with people for at least a little while.

It feels as though I’ve been away from everything that was my personal routine for either a split second or ten years. Traveling huge distances can do that to a person I suppose. Everything just feels all wibbly-wobbly-timey-whimey right now.


Two thirds of our flights went well. One that I was dreading, was actually quite pleasant and comfortable. One flight was delayed three times. That sucked big time. But it was the shortest leg of the journey. So, I don’t think it was that horrible. I have way, way more to say about the flights and some of the experiences we had in airports. But that’s a post for a later date.


Everything is good with the new apartment. Well, there was one tiny over-flowing toilet mishap. But it’s all fixed now. The toilet is now working like a champ. 10 out of 10. Would recommend.

Currently, I’m in what is going to be my tiny studio. I’m sitting on the floor with my computer balanced on four clear, plastic, art-packed, bulk candy boxes from Prisma as I write this short update. It’s around 2 x 3 meters-ish by (7 by 10 ft-ish). There are shelves on one wall and space for a work table, as well as my tools, materials and supplies. Right now, it looks like a rummage sale.

New everything:

Currently, we’re doing what people do when they move to a new place. Setting up all the things that need setting up. Learning the new, and to me juuuust slightly confusing bus system. Getting used to things that are so incredibly different than what we’ve ever experienced. Which is cool and somehow annoying at once.

Berin seems to be adjusting a bit better than I am, but part of that could be due to the fact that I’m a huge, whiny house cat who does not like her routines changed. It will take another two weeks or so before my mind and body are over the stress of travel and moving. By then I will remain a huge house cat, just slightly less whiny one.

Now what?

There is still so much to do! Like I said, I’m sitting on the floor of what will be my studio. We need to order some furniture and start fluffing-out this new nest a bit. And I still have so much more website and shop stuff to do before 19 July! I think by then I will be champing at the bit to actually create some artwork too!

Thanks for reading, and I will see you again sometime soon!


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