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Where We Landed

What brought me here today:

This post is meant mostly to reveal where my husband and I have settled after leaving Finland. I know that it might have seemed a little strange that we didn’t say anything about where we were going prior to moving. Part of that has to do with wanting to have a certain amount of anonymity during the planning of, and actual physical move to the new residence.

When making a large decision, I’ve learned to keep most of the details to myself until I’m committed enough that no amount of criticism or cajoling can make me change my mind. My husband has a similar type of mind set regarding big, life-altering decisions. In reality, the only two people who really needed to know about when and where we were moving to were myself and my husband.

That’s not to say that we told absolutely no one where we were moving to. We told a small group of people, when we thought they needed to know. To be completely honest, I accidentally told a friend of mine in a DM chat on Instagram over a month ago. Then I promptly swore her to secrecy. She’s a busy woman and has little time to bother blabbing about me!

Is a drumroll needed?

My husband and I have moved to Delaware. I must admit, it was not a state that I thought I would ever live. But here I am, sitting on the floor of what will become my studio, typing the words, “…I have moved to Delaware…“.  My husband is two rooms away, working away in his new work space too.

The question you may be asking yourself is, “So….why Delaware?” We wanted to move to a place where neither one of us had ever lived. My husband was raised in a small town near Philadelphia. So, he has a degree of regional understanding and comfort here that it’s been interesting for me to observe.

Yeah, but why Delaware?

Yeah.I can understand why there may be people who will still not understand why we didn’t return to the southwest. Or why we didn’t move closer to family. Well, on the first count, it’s just too bloody hot! I lived in New Mexico for 19 years. And while I miss the friends I made there, I was not moving back to that kind of heat on purpose, ever.  As for moving closer to family, that would no be a good idea for many reasons.

When we were deciding on where we wanted to move to, we had a lot of things to take into consideration. Most of my sales are made in North America. The shipping will be less expensive for my customers too. We’ve positioned ourselves close to several large, cosmopolitan cities. The hope is that I will have more opportunities to show and sell my artwork too.

While I’m loathe to admit it, there are some art supplies and materials that I can locate and purchase more easily within the US. .62¢ for DMC embroidery floss! SWOON! There are other supplies and materials that I may have to do a little more digging around for. We haven’t found a second hand shop where I can purchase materials for my artwork like the ones I grew to adore in Jyväskylä.

But, seriously…Delaware?

Okay. I know. Delaware isn’t exactly flashy or trendy. But then again, do I strike you as a person who wants to live in a flashy, or trendy manner? That ship sailed for me in 8th grade, with parachute pants used as the main sail. No city, state or country is ever going to be a perfect for us. We chose where we’re living carefully and purposefully. This particular place is where we want to be right now.

The people in the city we’re in are friendly. There’s decent public transit, as we’re still don’t want a car. It’s an easy city to walk in. And it has some beautiful public parks that we’ve been enjoying quite a bit. I’m pleased to see so many homes in our neighborhood have small front porches and plots that are loaded with flowers and interesting plantings. I’m adjusting slowly to our new home, and hope that when I begin to create artwork my adjustment will solidify.

So, now what?

There is still so much to do. We’re still recovering from the move. The whole moving experience seems to have taken place three months ago as well as two days ago, simultaneously. We moved during a heat wave in Finland, and moved right into another heat wave on the east coast. 35 degrees with 80% humidity is just miserable no matter how you slice it.

Hopefully we will have furniture soon. Fingers crossed that it’s at least ordered by next Friday’s blog post. As much as I love my new little studio room, my backside is not happy about having to sit on the floor to work!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.

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