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Whipping it into Shape

What’s brought me here today:

I have had plans for ways in which I would like to expand my small business for quite some time. All of these plans had to be postponed until after the big more to the US was completed. For several weeks, while we settled in, I felt as though I began to second-guess some of my entrepreneurial planning.

These feeling are all just fear of the unknown. There will undoubtedly be some minor course correction as I implement my plans. Chances are, I’ll learn a lot form these corrections. It’s just that there are no guarantees that anything I try will actually work; i.e., that they will generate more sales for my small business.

That undiscovered country:

I’ve wanted to start a Patreon for the better part of a year. There have been previous blog posts in which I blather on and on about it. But for one reason or another, I’ve not actually taken the step to create a Patreon account.  Why?

Part of the why was detailed above; we were moving. So the timing was just not right. The other part of why I have to acknowledge as my own imposter syndrome adding in its two cents to all of my entrepreneurial decisions. I struggle with this a lot. I’ve never had an incredibly high opinion of myself. To the extent that I just assume people don’t like me because they know I’m a total fraud. Yeah. I know exactly how twisted that kind of thinking is too.

Add to those fears the fact that I just don’t know if anyone is going to want to kick me a few bucks a month for the art making content that I create. There’s this little voice in the back of my head that keeps whispering, “If they won’t by your artwork, then why would they want to pay for videos of you creating it?!” Yeah. My head is uh…well…you know. Weird.

Tiny toe dip:

Last week, I put a yes or no question up in my Instagram Stories. It asked whether people who regularly follow me on Instagram whether or not they would be willing to pay me $2-$3 (1.70-2.56 EUR) per month for content not posted on Instagram. Forty-five people answered, with a 100% yes as an answer. Not to shabby.

But I know wishes are not horses, just as an Instagram Story poll is not something that I can deposit into my bank account. There’s a part of me that doesn’t feel as though I should rely on this one poll at all. Psychologically, some of those that clicked yes, may feel that they have done enough. And that there will certainly be others out there who will pay a few bucks a month for my content offerings.

Such are the dangers of relying too heavily on social media platforms to aid one in making business decisions I suppose! I remember people telling me to open an online shop where they can just ‘click and buy’ and they’ll be my customer. I’m still waiting on a lot of those people to start clicking and buy. These folks were all wish and no horse.

Patreon content:

If you’ve read my blog for a while, you know I have my hands in many different creative endeavors. With regards to any Patreon I start; I want to under-promise and over-deliver. Please remember, I’m one artist working in a small studio, creating all the artwork, handling the sales, website and online work, shipping, inventory, records, photos, videos, and everything else I forgot to list.

Shooting and editing video are new to me. There’s going to be a learning curve. I hope not a huge one too. A new camera and software will hopefully make it all a bit easier for me. I want to have at least two videos a month for Patreon, as well as a lot of previously unpublished photos of work in progress.

In addition to new video and photographic content, I want to add more in my own voice about creativity, art creation, flow state and how I think and feel about being an artist. Perhaps my writing style will make more sense to some of my readers if they can hear the way in which I speak!

What else?

I want to have some exclusives for Patrons, like patterns, tutorials and downloads. Most of my readers know that I also am the Tall Person behind the stories of a little doll, Go Marielle on Instagram and Twitter. I want to offer Go Marielle items, like personalized story panels (for posting) and downloads for different occasions or holidays.

As regards Marielle, there are videos that I’d like to create showing how I create her stories. As well showing the creation of her own miniature living space. In these videos and photos I would be detailing how I create her miniature furniture. Then offer the furniture patterns for patrons.

Oh! One more thing:

A newsletter. I’ve been dying to create a newsletter. I know it doesn’t sound like something that a person would be “dying” to do, but I’m weird. Perhaps it’s the graphic designer in me that just refuses to be silenced?

The newsletter would be downloadable and contain more content not posted in my other social media accounts. Discounts for my online store are another thing I’d like to add to a newsletter. Part of me can envision a newsletter morphing into something more zine-like that is sent out to patrons at a certain tier level every month. But that’s a ways off.

So, now what?

As always, I need to get back to work. More accurately, I need to make final decisions about what I want to create for my upcoming Patreon. I don’t want to burn myself out. I need to think about the implementation and running of my Patreon to be like origami. It needs to be accurate and fold into the work I already have to do, well.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.

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