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Time for Changes

What brought me here today:

I wanted to talk about making new artwork today. But I can’t. Because I’m up to my rear-end in Instagram problems. These problems are highlighting other problems that I’ve needed to work on for some time. So, let’s just get down to brass tacks, shall we?

More like brass knuckles:

Like I said, I wanted to talk about making art. But the business end of my entrepreneurial efforts are just smacking the crap out of me around right now. Those of you who are regular readers of my blog know that I’m very active on Instagram. I post there every day in two separate accounts; Katie_Kinsman_Artist and Go_Marielle_Go.

My Marielle posts range from a single panel, to as many as twenty panels. Today, I have an eighteen panel story that I want to post. The post has to be divided into smaller posts. Which is no big deal. However, over the past few days, Instagram has simply not allowed me to post anything in my regular feed for my personal account or my Marielle account. The account just hangs.

I did manage to get five panels of the eighteen panel story posted to the Marielle account. But directly after posting them, I wasn’t able to post anything else. I resorted to posting eight of the eighteen panels on Marielle’s Twitter account, @Go_Marielle_GO_11. Don’t EVEN get me started with the insanities of my Twitter problems as regarding Marielle.


Many of the problems I’m encountering with Instagram and Twitter, as well as my online shop, are highlighting the lack of control that I have regarding my sales and marketing. At any time, Instagram and Twitter can keep me from posting. Either by blocking me completely. Or by having an algorithm keep my posts from showing up in feeds.

Part of me thinks that the reason with the shadowy monkey-wrenching of my Instagram accounts has to do with Instagram wanting me to pay them to promote my work. And I don’t have any intensions of doing that. When I discovered that I was shadow-banned due to the hashtags I was using, I simply stopped using them. And my views increased.


What I know is that there is nothing I can do to get Instagram, or Twitter, or any other social media platform to work in my personal best interests. Lesson number 1 in using social media platforms: if they’re free, then you are the commodity that is being bought and sold. The only thing Instagram and Twitter are interested in is how much money I can make for them. That’s either by paying them to promote my artwork, or by selling my data.

I don’t want to pay Instagram to promote my artwork. It’s not worth the money. All of the frustrations that Instagram is causing me right now are just pushing me further towards Patreon. They will take a cut of what I make. But when balanced with the level of control I will receive. I don’t think it’s a bad deal.

Art creation:

Okay, there’s a little bit in this post about creating new artwork! My order from Benzie arrived yesterday, via UPS. I’m very excited to use the felt I ordered on Elodia and Daria! Part of the reason I ordered from Benzie is because I wanted to order from a small business. The other reason was the prices. Having the option to ship UPS was also a bonus. Our USPS isn’t great at delivering packages correctly, or on time.

New items in shop:

I’ve also added six new items to my online shop! Kaṭṭippiṭi, Klem, Kyssa, Suudella, Penelope, and Ystävä Tyttö are now listed in my shop! Go and check them out! They are incredibly cute, even though I say it myself. While you’re there, take a look at the Teensie Doll Brooches! They come in three sizes!

Remember, when you buy artwork from a one horse business like me, I do the dance of happiness!

So, now what?

I have so much planning to do for so many different businessy-type things. They are all things that are a long-time coming. But I’m confident that they will be beneficial to my continued entrepreneurial success.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Friday.