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What brought me here today:

Building my art business is one of the hardest things that I’ve ever done. Everything that I’ve managed to accomplish has not been done by myself alone. My friends and husband have spent countless hours helping me with the infinite number of problems I’ve faced on my personal entrepreneurial journey. There’s no way that I will ever be able to adequately thank or repay them for their love and support either.

More than money:

There are admirers of my artwork who are not able to purchase it. I also know that my artwork isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. While the main reason I’m selling my artwork is to make money so I can, well…pay rent and buy food, etc., I don’t expect my friends to buy a bunch of my work. You know, just because we’re friends.

For all of these reasons, I thought that I would add my two-cents to the larger conversation around ‘how to support a artist/creator‘ that you may know, or admire or both. I know that people have busy lives, so I tried to keep my two-cents as brief and to the point as possible!

What you can do:

I did a little online googling about this subject. There are several how-to lists floating around on social media. As well as some great blog posts by artists themselves talking about what kind of support they would like to have from their friends, family, and patrons. Some of these suggestions you may already be familiar with. Others may be new to you.


Long-time readers know that I post regularly to my social media accounts. I take photos of work that is in progress, as well as finished pieces. Clicking like or giving me a thumbs up is great, but taking the time to comment on my post does a lot to keep interest in my artwork up among potential customers. Any artist with active engagement, along with those likes and thumbs up, can help me a lot in the long run!


When you see a picture that I’ve posted of my artwork, share it with your friends! This can help to stir some word of mouth regarding my artwork. If you’ve purchased my artwork (THANK YOU!) display it in such a way that people will see it and inquire about it! Even if that artwork is not my current artwork. There are a lot of people out there in the world that have my illustration and printmaking artwork.


Tell me what you think about the work that I’m creating and posting pictures of. Ask me questions about how or why I’m creating the artwork you’re seeing. Is there is something that really just turns your crank? Comment on it! Does my work stir an emotion, or remind you of something else? Let me know about it! Do you wonder where the hell I’m going with my artwork? Ask me!

If you know me, you know I can talk a persons arm off about anything I’m interested in or passionate about.


Ask me what artwork I’m currently creating. I spend the vast majority of my time creating artwork alone. Having a someone ask me specific questions about what I’m working on at the moment can show me that I’m not just out here floating around alone. Ask about what kinds of plans I have for other pieces of artwork in the future can help an artist feel less isolated.


When able, come and see my artwork when displayed in public spaces. When my artwork is hanging up at a local coffee shop, stop in to see it and grab a coffee too. Tell the coffee shop you know the artist. If I’m showing my artwork at an art fair or gallery, tell people you know who may be interested in my work to stop at my booth to see my artwork.

Collaborate and Connect:

If it’s something that you’re into, collaborate with me! Is there something that you’ve always wanted to create but weren’t sure how to? Artistic collaboration might be the answer. Do you know another artist who I might like collaborating with on a project? Let me know! This introduction could lead to all kinds of interesting creative collaborative efforts. Or, it could just be two artists becoming friends. That’s a win-win in my book!


If you have purchased my artwork, write me and let me know about it! Happy customer testimonials are something I can use to promote my artwork on my website. If you like my blog posts, leave me a comment. In those comments, you can ask questions about my artwork too!

So now what?

Hopefully, I’ve given friends and admirers some things that they can do to give me support without having to purchase my artwork. Doing any one of the aforementioned suggestions would be a fantastic way to support me as an artist, or any other artist you know.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.