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House Cleaning

What brought me here today:

The fact that it’s already November is kind of freaking me out a little bit. A little bit. Not a lot. But still, it’s already November! How is it already November?! Having Halloween on the last day of the month of October makes the beginning of November seem like a total surprise somehow. The weather over the last week is seeming much more like late autumn too. There are more leaves on the ground than before too.

A part of me is still in Finland. At least where the month of November is concerned. The only month I destested in Finland was Marraskuu (November). It’s cold, wet, and dark. This month is not great for anyone who suffers from seasonal depression. The weather here is nowhere near what my mind and body are bracing themselves for here in Delaware. It was actually quite sunny this afternoon. I decided to start November off with a day full of some much needed work and organization. To start the month off on the best footing possible.

Cleaning and organizing:

We didn’t purchase a whole lot of furniture when we moved here. Only the essentials were purchased at Ikea. You can read more about that here. We were fortunate to have a few pieces of furniture gifted to us by the previous tennant. If you’ve purchased furniture from Ikea, then you know it all comes in flat pack boxes. Even with only the essentials furniture items we purchased, we had a lot of cardboard boxes left.

If you’ve been reading my blog for very long, you know that corrugated cardboard is one of my favourite recycled materials to use in creating my larger, paper mache artwork. The bedroom of our apartment is so large that I just left the boxes in one corner. I intended to cut, organize and store all this cardboard at a later date. Really, when the weather wasn’t so horribly hot.

Today was the day for organizing all of this cardboard. As well as all the other recycled items that I’ve been gathering over the past month or so. I started after lunch. It took me about four hours to get all the corrugated cardboard cut and stowed in a neat and tidy manner. All of the carton board had to be broken down as well. Bubble wrap, tissue paper, and other packing materials were also kept. Then organized and stowed properly. You can see some of the organized cardboard here.

Other bits of organizing:

I also went through most of what I call my “crap bags”. These are just little collections of interesting bits and bobs of plastic and metal. All of the clear, rigid, plastic packaging I had was cut down into easiery to handle pieces, and stored. So that I can actually find them and use them. To someday be made into wings or windows or whatever.  I now have one nicely sized “crap box”. There’s still some work I need to do with it though. Just some sorting, so I know what I have on hand to use when making art.

Halloween items removed:

I will be removing the Halloween and Day of the Dead inspired pieces from my online shop this week. The last day that you will be able to order any of these pieces will be 7 November 2021. These items will not be returning to the shop at any point in the furture. The items to be removed are: the Day of the Dead customisable skull pins, Lenore, Minerva, Xochitl, Novalee, Lucia, Miranda, Saffron, Russell, Ginger, and Nutmeg.

These Halloween and Day of the Dead inspired dolls and pins were a lot of fun for me to create. I’m so happy that so many other of my October doll and pin creations have found such lovely homes all over the world! Thanks to everyone who has purchased any of my creations!

New table:

Really? A new table is this important that it gets it’s own section within a larger blog post? Well, if your me it does. I bought a black, folding card table. It’s light weight that I can carry and set it up by myself. The legs and the center fold nicely and have a good locking mechanism too. I used this table today while I was sorting and cutting the small mountain of corrugated cardboard in my bedroom.

Holiday in-person sales:

One of the reasons that I needed the new table is that I’ll be participating in four holiday pop-up sales! I’m excited and nervous about these sales too. I’ve not sold my artwork in person for over seven years. The pandemic has changed around how artists and artisans sell their work at in-person venues like these pop-up sales. Masks are required. And there’ll be a lot less “smushing-up” of potential customers as they look at the artwork for sale.

This month I will be working on getting ready for these pop-up sales. I’ve been planning the items I would like to create especially for the pop-ups. Some of the larger cardboard sheets will be made into displays. The construction of these displays shouldn’t be too difficult. I’ve made displays like this before. They’re lightweight, portable, and can easily be recyced.

The first of the pop-up sales will be happening on Saturday, November 27 from 1 tp 4 pm at Books and Bagels here in Wilmington. There will be three additional holiday pop-up sales after that: December 4, 11 and 18 from 1 to 4 pm. If you’re in the area and would like to meet me and see my work in person, please stop in!

So, now what?

I think that just about does it for my current house-cleaning needs. I’ll be posting pictures of the progression of the new items for the pop-up sales on my Instagram and Twitter accounts. There is so much work that I need to get done before the first of these pop-up sales. So. Much. Work. I guess I better get to it then!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.

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  1. I’m excited for your pop-up sales!

  2. Thank you! I’m hoping that they all go well!

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