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Dropped the Ball

What brought me here today:

I should say, “What brought me here today on a Wednesday“. This happens a few times a year. I somehow miss posting on my regular blog posting days. For some reason, I thought that yesterday was Monday. I can’t figure out how I did that either. How could I forget what day it was? It’s there on the top of every page of my daily journal!

But I did forget what day it was. And I hadn’t written a draft of a post for Tuesday either. So here I am. I’ll keep this post short and to the point.

Creating and preparing:

I’m up to my butt in getting everything ready for the Holiday Pop-up Sale on the 27th. All of the work and planning I’m doing could explain why didn’t have a firm grip on exactly what day it was yesterday. I’m making head-way with the new pieces that I will be offering customers too. In fact, that’s kind of where my brain is right now. The mantra is “Must keep creating. Must keep creating. Must keep creating.


Yesterday, I was interviewed by West Side Grows Together regarding my participation in the Holiday Small Business Pop-up. The interview went well. Or at least I think so. The young woman who was conducting the interview was sweet, smart and incredibly personable. It felt more like a chat with a new friend than an interview.

Why so tired yesterday then?

I spent the entire day working on pieces for the sale. Then my husband and I walked over to a cafe near Trolley Square for the interview. The interview took some time. Berin hung out in the same cafe, having a coffee and doing some work. Then we went for some supper. And then we went to the grocery store.

We purchased several heavy items. Mostly for our Thanksgiving dinner. Including a turkey. Then we packed-up the groceries and headed back to our house. What we hadn’t thought about was that it was dark when we were walking home. Many of the sidewalks are uneven due to tree roots pushing up the concrete. It made for some slower than usual walking for the both of us.

I also realized why we see the public service type ads on the bus instructing people to use a flashlight at night when they’re walking. I’m klutzy enough when the walking is dry and flat! We didn’t have a flashlight. So we kept to the best lighted streets. Which meant that we walked more than if it’d been light outside still.

So, now what?

Well, I’m going to obey my mantra of “Must keep working” and get back to attaching the strings to a lot of little handmade holiday ornaments!

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.