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Flexible Plans

What brought me here today:

Flexibility is an important componant of my small business. Not everyone is necessarily good at being flexible though. My years of working as a secretary, graphic designer, and itinerant art teacher at the elementary school level depended on my abilities to bow and bend during my work days. Personally, I’m a person who runs multiple possible scenarios/outcomes in my head prior to any type of endeavour. This ability proves to be quite helpful in situations regarding my creative work.


I have business plans that I’ve kept on hold for most of this year. Having to move from Finland to the US in the middle of the summer delayed much of what I wanted to accomplish this year. I can tell you, it sucks to have to just stop and wait. When what your really want to do is race ahead and do the thing that you’ve wanted to do for so long!

Knowing and feeling all of the aforementioned has required me to be patient. Which is definitely not something that I’m good at. I’ve been planning and researching to assuage my lack of patience. I’m old enough and smart enough to know that the delay in creative plans is simply that. A delay. Not a cancellation.

Matryoshka dolls:

Planning and researching have allowed me to play around with what I want to do in 2022. I’ve distilled it down to two major projects for the first half of 2022. Starting the Patreon I’ve wanted to create. And moving my website/online store to another platform.

Within each of these large projects, are lots of additional smaller projects. I’m trying to structure the Patreon and new website/online store so that some of the smaller projects get to come to fruition. This way, I don’t have to completely abandon all of the plans that I’ve dreamt up!


I’ve decided to create my Patreon around Go Marielle. This may sound a bit strange to some of my followers. Especially those that don’t follow her on Instagram. The plan for the Patreon is to around the building of a house for Marielle. In essence, I will be creating a doll house from scratch. There will also be the creation of all of the furniture and decor that goes into the house.

The house for Marielle is a matryoshka doll. My large goal is to create better, longer, and more intricate stories using Marielle and her friends. The finished house will be a set in which I can create these stories. The planning and building of the house will give me a lot of practice shooting and editing video. As well as doing voice over. The doll house plans as well as patterns for the furniture and decor will be offered to my patrons as recompense for their monetary support.

This plan gives me a lot of options. Finished videos can be posted to my website or YouYube after my Patrons have gotten first access. Building a doll house and the furniture and decor is something that appeals not only to followers of Marielle. Miniature makers and collectors, as well as those who enjoy creating their own doll houses and miniatures are a group of people who may enjoy the content I create for this Patreon.


This all may seem like I’m carefully crafting my Marielle Patreon so that I can have my cake and eat it too. Well, yeah. Kind of. I’m the only one who will be working on the videos, patterns, tutorials, creation, and presentation of the work to be placed on Patreon. I need to make sure that the way in which I’ve structured my plans gets me the most out of each step. So yeah. I’m being strategic as I can!

Shop and Blog:

I began to out-grow WooCommerce within a few months of creating my online shop. I orginally had just a blog on WordPress, going back about ten years. WordPress has been fabulous for me to grow and become a better writer and blogger. If I only had a dozen or so products that I sold on a regular basis, WooCommerce would be more than adequate for me.

But I have a metric tonne of items that I offer for sale at any given time. Moving my shop and blog to a platform that can handle the amount of items I sell is essential for me right now. If I intend to grow my business, I need to make some changes.

Big, honkin’ job:

It took me about two weeks to set-up my orginal online store. This wasn’t working a few hours here and there. There was so much to do! Photos that needed to be shot and processed. Then uploaded. Creation of all the individual product pages. Writing all the descriptions and short stories. That’s all beside creating an inventory, assigning inventory numbers, making sure the postage was correct, and placing all the photos!

Creating a functioning website with a blog and a store isn’t quick or easy. It’s not a fun job either. In fact, it can be a rather mind-numbing task. This is why I’m taking it on as one of the two large projects I’ll be concentrating on in 2022. I’m also choosing a platform in which I don’t have to turn my brain to tapioca pudding to set up! The choices have been narrowed down (all that research while trying to be patient) to the final few. I’ll make a final decision soon.

Like Gumby:

I’m counting on my ability to be flexible to get me through these two big projects. There will be the inevitable failures. I know this. The Patreon I want to launch is going to have a steep learning curve as well. Part of my planning and research was to account for failures and learning curves as much as I’m able. Each of these big products will require a lot of time and work. I know that I can accomplish them. Exactly to what degree remains unknown. But I’m gonna Bandura the hell out of this. Oh yeah, and remain flexible, like Gumby.

So, now what?

What do I always say? Now is time that I get back to work. I have some pieces that I’m working on right now that I’d like to get mostly finised before the end of the year. There are also two more holiday pop-up sales that I will be participating in on the 11th and 18th of this month.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Tuesday.