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Changes: Pt. 2

What brought me here today?

The end of the year is quickly approaching. If you read my blog post earlier in the week, you know that I have two big projects planned for 2022. Moving my website and shop is one of them. There are some changes that I plan on making to my website, shop, and twice weekly blog at the start of 2022. I need to make these changes, even before moving the website and blog to another platform.

Some changes are so that my work flow is streamlined. Other changes are so that I can hit one bird with two stones, entrepreneurially speaking. My overall workload is going to increase next year. I want to make sure that I don’t burn-out. Then I won’t be able to do anything creatively or entrepreneurally!

Blog posting:

Starting 6 January 2022, I will be posting a single weekly blog post on my website. The blog will be posted at a specific time as well. I’ve grown to enjoy writing my twice weekly blog posts. Writing is not something that I would consider one of my talents. As much as I’ve come to enjoy it, there are times that writing is incredibly difficult for me. Sometimes the words are like a river. Other times the words are underneath a meter of granite.

Most of the difficulty stems from the time-crunch of writing two separate blog posts per week. If the words are tumbling out of my fingers onto the keyboard, fabulous! One blog post each week is usually like that. The other blog post then seems lack-luster to me. Or perhaps rushed. The end result is that I don’t feel like it’s good enough writing for people to spend their time reading.

Blog content:

The Patreon is the biggest amount of new work I’m creating for myself. It will also be subject specific. Go Marielle and the world I’m creating around her are the subject. The content of my weekly blog will be slightly altered starting in January. My blog content is kind of all over the map right now. And I’m not happy about it.

Because the Patreon is Marielle-centric, I want my weekly blog post here to center more of the other artwork I’m creating. Other topics that I want to continue writing about are creativity, art, materials usage, tools, techniques, etc. Some of the etcetera will be topics like showing and selling my original artwork.

New website:

The arrangement of the next version of my website will be organized differently as well. I’ve out-grown the format and layout that I have here on this platform. It just does not feel right to me anymore. I want to grow my business. The website needs to change to fit the image that I need it to portray. I may be a one-horse operation, but I want to look like I at least kind of know what I’m doing!


I’m so not looking forward to having to work with photos. Photography is another talent/task that just gives me fits. I know that my photos are passible at best. New photos need to be taken of my artwork. In particular, the larger, paper mache pieces. A new camera and decent lighting will help me to get some (hopefully) good pictures that I can add to an online portfolio on the new website.

So, now what?

I have two large projects. And within them, the matryshka dolls of seemingly infite additional tasks. If I think about every single task at once, my just freezes-up. Writing a blog post about what needs to happen. And the when and why of it all does make me feel a bit better.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Friday.