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What brought me here today:

This blog post is the last of my regularly scheduled blog posts for this year. I honestly did not realise how close Christmas was getting until the last in-person holiday pop-up sale on the 18th. The on-going pandemic, and my working alone and from home, makes the days just fly by. Once I’m at work, there isn’t a whole lot that distracts me from my work. I wouldn’t eat on a regular schedule if I didn’t have a husband who did all the cooking telling me to come and eat something.

Holiday break:

I had intended to continue writing regular blog posts until the end of the year. But that’s just not going to happen. No one is going to want to read a blog post of mine on Christmas Eve! And I can tell you, I need some time away from certain parts of my work load. There is so much that is coming in the new year. I want to be rested and ready to devote all my time and energies to my two big projects.

I mentioned in last Friday’s blog post that I will be taking a holiday from regular blog posting for the remainder of the year. The first of the new once weekly blog posts will begin on 6 January 2022. This new schedule will go a long way in streamlining my overall work load. The first few months of 2022 are going to be packed with so much work that needs to be done. I want to make sure I’m up to the challenge.

Other bits and bobs:

I’m not only taking a holiday from regular blog posting, but from my regular social media postings as well. Long-time readers know that I post every day on Instagram. Posts are created for my personal account, and for the Go Marielle account. Insta-Stories are also created and posted. There are also Twitter accounts for myself and for Marielle that need to be tended to daily. And then there are my Pinterest and Imgur accounts that require my attentions.

Posting and attending to these platforms usually takes about two hours of my morning every day of the week. That’s on a good day. If there are posts that have to be built it can take longer. I try to work one week out for the Go Marielle daily posts. The same can be said of Insta-Story posts regarding online shop updates and other announcements. Sometimes a file becomes corrupted and I have to recreate it. These are the days when just making my regular daily posts can take three or four hours.

Time keeps on slippin’, slippin’, slippin’:

Regular posting to social media and my blog posts are just a small part of my working day. I try hard to keep my social media presence regular. We all know how much the Algorithm likes that! That all being said, doing the computer-based portion of my daily work is not my favourite. I’d much rather be physically creating artwork. Or planning and designing new pieces that I would like to create.

My holiday break from daily posting will give me some much desired, uninterrupted time to work. Even though I sell some of my artwork, the creating of it is still my daily therapy. The current pieces that I’m working on I would like to finish during this short break between today and the 6th of January.

Sporatic is the correct term:

That all being said, I will be posting here and there on social media. I also know that I will be writing one more blog post before the end of the month as well. Whatever I post will be done because I want to. Not because I’m sticking to my usual daily work schedule.

So now what?

After I post this blog post, I will return to working on the three newest dolls (in pinks and greens) I started yesterday. I need to get their faces embroidered. Then their arms and legs put together. OH! And their hair sewn on too! These three newest dolls will be receiving plastic bottle domes and stands like Eugenie, Phyllis, and Sondra.

I also have some things I want to do in my studio. Organising and decorating mostly. These tasks aren’t exciting, but they need doing. And I’m strangely looking forward to them.

Thank you for reading! Happy Holidays, and I will see you again soon!