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Hello 2022!

What brought me here today:

Today is the first blog post of 2022! It begins the new schedule for my once a week, Friday blog posts. There’s a part of me that feels a little out of practice writing blog posts right now. The words are a little harder to squeeze out of my brain turnip, if that makes any sense!

I enjoyed my holiday time off of regularly scheduled work. There were accomplishments during the holiday. I made some artwork. And I attending to the plans and scheduling of the two big projects that are starting the new year off. Those who follow me on Instagram know that I created a large bulletin board expressly for the implementation of a new website (and online shop) as well as a Patreon.

A place for my plans:

I’m beyond pleased with how my homemade bulletin board turned out! Purchasing one from a store wasn’t an option. Not because of price, or even transportation factors. I made my own because of the walls in our apartment. Our apartment is in a house that was built in the 1880’s. It has lath and plaster walls that we cannot put a nail through. This meant that there was no way that I could hang a commerecially made bulletin board.

I created my bulletin board from two large corrugated cardboard (double thickness), clear packing tape, sticky backed cork sheets, and some sticky backed velcro tape. The size of the board was determined by the size of the sticky backed cork I purchaded. The construction took about an hour. And I used simple tools to make it: ball point pen, tape measure, triangle, metal straight edge, and a large craft knife.

The part of the project that took the longest was applying and then attaching the board to the wall. Removing the protective tape from the velcro was a bit more arduous than I thought it would be. Tweezers were needed to find the edge and pull it up. Then a pair of jewelry pliers were required to separate it from the sticky part of the tape.  I did do some measurement on the wall to make sure the bulletin board wasn’t hung up crooked as well.

Artwork created:

In addition to creating a plan-of-action bulletin board, I also created several dolls. Clarisse, Nadia, and Doreen. They have received stands with cloches made from recycled drink bottles. Larger stands, with larger recycled drink bottles were used for Eugenie, Phyllis, and Sondra. These larger doll stands are covered with felt, while I still need to cover the smaller doll’s stands.

There were three additional dolls created just in the last few days. They only received their names last night too! Georgie, Liza, and Jane. Georgie is the doll with pink hair and sticky-outtie pig tails. Liza has short blue braids. And Jane has mint green, braided buns. My intention is to make tiny poofy pants for all three of these newest dolls. They too shall be receiving a stand with a recycled drink bottle.

I’ve already had some viewers inquire as to the use of a recycled plastic drink bottle instead of a cloche. There are two reasons why I chose the bottle over a more traditional cloche. First, the bottles are part of a the design of the completed piece, i.e., ‘I’ve got artistic reasons for using them’. The second reason is because choches can get stupid expensive. I may use pre-made cloches in future artwork. But for now, I like the recycle plastic drink bottles better.

Events outside:

My husand Berin and I stayed isolated during the holidays. One of the biggest reasons for this is the increase in cases of the Omicron variant. We’ve both had two doses of vaccine. And we’re scheduled for our booster shot in the next week. Neither one of us wants to catch Covid in any of it’s variant forms. So, we’re isolating and keeping our contact with people to a minimum.

Our last outing was on 30 January. I think it kind of ‘sealed the deal’ with regards to thinking about isolating again. I’m glad we did have that outing. Much needed art supplies were purchased, along with other items we had carefully chosen to purchase. We’ve also returned to placing orders for our groceries. The weather has turned cold, windy, and a little snowy. So I’m not bummed at all not to have to slog through it to the grocery store!

I feel like isolating will be for the majority of the month of January. Again, this works no hardship on either of us. We are fortunate to each work from home and can pay our bills doing so. We’re also both a little hermit-like. Prefering to submerge ourselves in our own specific flow states and lose ourselves in our creative work.


Speaking of which, I’m feeling much more connected and nested into my new work space. I’m just calling it “The MIdden”. I wish I had some kind of super-cool name for it ala Kurt Schwitters Merzbau. But Midden seems to work for this specific space at this specific time. Adding elements like the bulletin board have helped me feel like I’m making the space my own.

I’m also finally going through much of the artwork I brought with me. It all needs to be organized and photographed properly. The larger, paper mache pieces also require some repair work as well. Berin surprised me with a new tripod and ring light a few days ago. The mobile phone tail-spin threw me off to such a degree that I haven’t gotten a chance to get thing new light out and take pictures.

“Mobile phone tail-spin”

I love technology. Rather, I love it to a degree. Computers, mobile phones, printers, scanners, digital cameras, etc., are all tools that I need to create the artwork I want to create. It should be known that I see myself as a person who has one foot in the world of technology, with the other foot planted firmly in the realm of ‘not technology’. Perhaps, technological and creative  would be better descriptors of these realms.

I sew and do embroider by hand. My mind is happiest when it’s engaged with my hands in the creation of artwork. It’s the place in my life in which I am most completely myself. I’m also in complete control. Technology is something that I understand (a bit) , but am not in complete control of it. My technological efficacy is somewhat lacking. Therefore technological challenges can frustrate me.

The mobile phone tail-spin occured when my phone (purchased in FInland) three or four years ago began to fail yesterday. It’s old and out of date. I know this! The profits from the holiday pop-up sales were intended to purchase me a new mobile phone! However, between the panic of my phone getting progressively more and more flakey and the INSANE number of mobile phones to choose from, I tested my limited technological efficacy.

What happened?!

After two hours of sifting through mobile phone listings and the endless details of features, I had to have an impromptu nap. I was frustrated and close to crying. It seems like something that would not warrant this kind of reaction. A new mobile phone would cost a chunk of money. I didn’t want to make the wrong choice! Berin came to my rescue. Before crawling under the duvet to escape, I sent Berin a list with some links of phones that I liked.

Berin went through the list and then asked me some questions. After a bit more searching. And a little more questioning, he found me a refurbished, unlocked mobile phone for my needs. And that was within the budget. Long story somewhat longer, my new phone will arrive next week. However, my work day was half gone and I felt like a toddler after a crying jag and a long nap.

So, now what?

What do I always say? It’s time to get back to work. There is so much work that I have to do that it makes my head swim a bit. However I’m glad that I don’t have to worry about the new mobile phone anymore. The rest of my day today will be spent sewing and embroidering. Technology, but from way back in human history.

Thank you for reading, and I’ll see you again next Friday.