Large Papier Maché Play Set Dolls

Kiddo in repose.
Kiddo, close-up of head and shoulders
Agnes, close-up of top of her head
Agnes, with Tiina sitting on top of her head, where’s she’s supposed to sit.
Agnes, a close-up of her abdomen while I was still working on her
Agnes, a close-up of the side of her head, detailing the appliqué and embroidery work.
Agnes, this was right after I remembered that I hadn’t made her any hands.
Tiina sits so nicely in the little blue flower I made for the top of Agnes’ head.
Audrey, with all of her tiny dolls in a display last autumn at the public library
Agnes and Kiddo in a display at the local library last autumn
Janet is the lavender doll in the front, along with Egg, Coco, Watermelon, Aurinko, Mecha Carla and Crystal. Again, this was a display at the local library last autumn.
One of the three small, puzzle box papier maché dolls I made during the end of 2019 and into 2020.
The triangle doll from this series of three, small papier maché puzzle box dolls.
And the last of the three small, papier maché, puzzle box dolls.