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  1. Päivi Lehtineva says:

    Helli. I’ve been listening to your podcasts now for a half a year and I’m very happy that I found them. Thank you for speaking so clearly so even a person ho hasn’t ever visited USA can understand most of them. I also love you being so positive.
    I am a mother of kids aged 15, 14 and 8 years, me and my husband are 50. We live in Tampere where you already had been visiting. If you ever visit Tampere again you both are very welcome to have a cup of coffee or a dinner wth us. If you are interested seeing the west coast area you can visit us in our Sommer house in Maalahti(Malax). The sommerhouse is located I an island near coast so maybe it could be an interesting experience for you.

    I wish you both all the best for the new year
    With best wishes Päivi Lehtineva (040-770 1950)

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