Tiny Bunny Dolls

Kitty: 30€ When she was little, she wanted to be an interior designer, but realized that she really wanted to be an architect. She’s learning how to crochet socks right now, mostly because she hates having cold feet.

Calvin: 30€ He enjoys playing skee ball and has never understood why some people lose their minds over s’more flavored food items. His favourite poet is e.e. cummings.

Daniel: 30€ He has a tendency to stare quietly, in a very judgmental manner at people that attempt to convince him of conspiracy theories. His loves bananas, but not fake banana flavoring.


Declan: 30€ He prefers to spend his off-time alone, working on his novel. The novel will be sent to his publisher in May. He owns every Elvis Costello album on vinyl.

Elliot: 30€ He’s a deeply empathetic soul. He’s been a vegan for the past five years and wishes that he could do more to rally people to fight climate change.

Molly: 30€ One of her greatest hopes is that someday, she can buy her own motorcycle. She’s studying to become a auto mechanic, and one day, hopes to own her own garage.

Lotta: 30€ She’s never been sure why, but analog clock faces freak her out a little bit. Her botany degree has helped her immensely in the growing of her own fruit trees and berry bushes.

Nellie: 30€ She currently works at a bed and breakfast, doing a little bit of everything. She likes meeting the new people and hearing their stories. Autumn is her favourite season.

Oliver: 30€ He’s struggled with clinical depression for most of his life, but feels that he’s finally getting his life together. He’s just joined a cooking class and is having a lot of fun learning how to make Indian food.

Rosamund: 30€ She loves Stephen King novels, but not the movies based on them. Her favorite Beatle is George. She doesn’t like frozen green beans because they squeak in her teeth.

Trevor: 30€ He’s been working on his stand-up routine for about three years now. He’s started booking better gigs as well. he loves moving from place to place and feels more at home on the road than anywhere else.

Xena: 30€ She has seen ever episode of Mystery Science Theatre 3000 at least five times. She maintains that she can tell a lot about a person if they find this show funny or not. Buttered popcorn flavored Jellybellies are her favorite candy.