Go Marielle!

Marielle is a little Finnish doll that was born in Jyväskylä, Finland. She loves going to interesting places and seeing new things. Marielle is a curious little doll who loves to climb trees and spend time in nature. Plants and animals are another of her loves. Her four closest friends, Kaali, Meloni, Joelle and (sometimes) PFF often accompany her on her adventures.

Kaali is a sweet, gentle pony who loves her friends fiercely. There have been times in which Kaali has had to show Marielle some rather tough love. Especially when Marielle’s becoming a bit too dramatic! While Kaali is a pony, no one rides her or makes her pull a cart. She’s a loving companion to Marielle and her friends. She is often the first one they all turn to when they need advice about anything! Kaali is a Finnish word that means ‘cabbage’.

Meloni is a bit of a mystery to her friends. She suddenly appeared on one of the Tall People’s work table one day. Marielle couldn’t just leave such a teenie-tiny doll all on her own. Someone needed to take care of her! Meloni doesn’t speak very much. So far, she’s only said two words, ‘Aiti’ and ‘Pony’. Aiti is the Finnish word for ‘Mom’. Meloni has a strong connection with Kaali, and loves chocolate chip cookies! She’s constantly on the lookout for them! Meloni is the Finnish word for ‘melon’.

Purple Fuzzy Friend is the very first friend Marielle ever made! PFF, as she’s known to her friends, is an extremely shy and retiring creature. She loves curling up in her little bed and having lovely, long naps. Many times, Meloni climbs in with her to sleep too! PFF is very soft and loves being petted by her friends. She’s a bit of a home-body, while her friends have more rambunctious adventures. PFF loves listening to their stories when they return! She purrs in contentment!

Joelle has recently joined Marielle and her friends, Kaali, Meloni, and PFF. Joelle (Joe-el) is fitting-in wonderfully! PFF is still a little nervous around Joelle. Joelle senses this, and is extremely careful in her interactions with PFF. She’s very slow and gentle. Joelle is far more rambunctious with Meloni! But we know that Meloni can get quite excited! Joelle is very good at playing fetch, and Kaali loves having someone who can run as fast as she can around to play chase games with! Joelle is an extremely sweet, sensitive puppy who loves her new friends very much.

A New Home!

The two Tall People that she lives with have recently moved to Wilmington, Delaware. Kaali, Meloni, and PFF have come too! Marielle is very excited to learn more about the history of Delaware, as well as exploring all the new and interesting people and places in the city of Wilmington!

All of Marielle’s adventures can be read @Go_Marielle_Go on Instagram. Posts are made there daily, with longer, multi-panel stories posted once a week.  Marielle also has her own Twitter account @GoMarielleGo too! Make sure to follow Marielle so you don’t miss anything!