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12 April 2020

Happy Easter! Hyvää Pääsiänen!

Sunday 5 April

I decided to try out a few new ideas on these two 8 cm dolls. I need to get their little faces and hair done before I can start on the rest of their outfits and other bits and bobs. I have ideas…ideas that somehow rely on my fine art printmaking background. I wonder if I can make it all work?

Sunday Photo February 23, 2020

A week or so ago, I was thinking, “Huh. I’ve not gotten sick so far this winter. Weird.” I must have jinxed myself, because I got sick last week. Nothing horrible. A little fever, a horrid headache for the first 24 hours, and a stuffy nose with sinus pressure. It’s now at the tail end, after the better part of a week, with just a super-annoying cough that is just killing my throat. These elderflower lozenges (.99€ for two boxes at Lidl, in the check-out lanes) have been helping a lot

Sunday 16 February 2020

I’m so glad that we walked to the store yesterday instead of today.